The Secret Barrister
Hotblack Desiato 27 Nov 20 13:24
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Reading this at the moment.

Underlines my utter contempt for Tory policy in relation to justice: Simultaneously banging on about crime, whilst removing the funding necessary to ensure that, criminals are arrested, prosecuted, appropriately punished and rehabilitated.

Despite administration of justice being one of the two basic functions of the state (the other being defence of the realm). 

The CPS, by the way, gets less funding than the cost of free T V Licences for pensioners, which is fvcking ironic, because pensioners are prime beneficiaries of effective prosecution of criminals, amongst others because they are least able to defend themselves.

Sometimes I can't work out whether Gannicus is trolling or not.

Legal aid needs to be abolished. If you’re not guilty you’ve got nothing to fear. 

Is that meant to be funny? Because it isn't. There not being anything particularly funny about innocent people being convicted of crimes they didn't commit.

Is it meant to be a serious statement? Because if it is, I am amazed that the institute allows you on the internet unsupervised. 

Sumoking27 Nov 20 13:33

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you know he's Heff right?





Agreed with chimpy.

The points he makes about completely innocent people having to choose between conviction and bankruptcy are particularly shocking.

Hotblack, I agree that the Tories have messed up the administration of justice in a colossal way. However, Labour must also share the blame. The Carter reforms took place on their watch and laid the foundations for the shitshow that the book depicts. The Tories also implemented a Labour policy in relation to the removal of Legal Aid in Private Family proceedings, which puts huge pressure on the courts with LIP's shouting at one another across the table and no chance of procedure being followed. And then they shut the courts, putting further pressure on the ones that remained open.

I worked in Legal Aid for a few years in the mid-noughties and can say it's been going down the tubes for years now (Secret Barrister also says 2005 was the high water mark for claims). Myself and other colleagues decided about 2007 that we needed to get out to save our careers before they disappeared.

Ultimately the Legal Aid budget is a political football where the middle classes pay for it but don't get to use it, making it a complete vote-loser if anyone suggests increasing the budget. Labour and Conservatives both seem to agree that the budget has to be cut until gone.

Add to that screaming headlines of trials collapsing on legal aid money and people like Stevie G getting it for attacking a club DJ and you've got a complete lack of support from the general public who only wail when they try to actually use/find it:…

Nothing's going to change as far as I can see.

Just read the Fake Law book - was very good. Does a good job of not being too lefty while still complaining about how everything is shite.