Scylla, a question...

...are you aware of Sheikha Latifa? Don’t google it from where you are.

I saw that docco.


WE do take our freedoms for granted...

In the more recent photographs (with Mary Robinson ffs) she looks sedated... easy is it to 'buy' a doctor in Dubai?

I've just seen photos of the person she was 'engaged' to at the end of last year... ...I'm not surprised she wants to do a runner.

Presumably the Ruler of Dubai can buy (or order) doctors to do whatever the hell he wants and she is his daughter..

Stru... ...I'm sure your wording is a bit loose. You don't mean he can sedate her simply because she is his daughter?



Scylla, wuld you really have gotten into trouble googling her name where you are?

PP... ...the Dubai police force monitor all major social media platforms and the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority say that all social media profiles and internet sites are being tracked by the relevant agencies... the past journalists criticising the royal family have been fucked over so it's probably safer not to delve to deeply online, or at all.

The TRA has an alert system that will detect when certain keywords are being used... ...officers will investigate whether any 'illegal act has been committed, which includes insulting members of the ruling families.

Using a VPN is in itself a criminal offence, so you're taking a risk there as well.

was it on ROF someone posted about the Saudi iPhone government app which lets male guardians track and grant/deny permission to travel and move around to their wives/daughters/mothers? 

Fluffs, I mean she is in Dubai and he is the absolute ruler of the place  as well as her father and he can do anything he damn well pleases. He IS the law. The only slight constraint on him is international embarrassment and slight is the operative word. The guy did a back room diplomatic prisoner exchange deal with India to get the Indian navy to board her ship and capture her near Bombay..