scoring beautiful women at a relatively early age is detrimental to one's development

so basically, if - like myself - you happen to score 7+, including proper 9ers on a regular basis from the age of 18 onwards, it stifles your ambitions, innit?

plus, you become arrogant. I mean you get the hottest chicks, so why try harder? why study and be diligent, when the focus should be on NOT MISSING OUT ON ANY of the hot babes you can have? you pity the men who cannot get there and you sort of ignore them

Your replies are not helping the probability of him desisting, Stix.

I assume this is a subjective self-scored system...

I entirely agree that scoring women out of 10 is detrimental to your sexual and emotional development - if you stopped doing stuff like that you might get laid.

After you score them, do you actually pluck up the courage and go over and talk to them? That would definitely help your success rate...

You still sitting on an ice floe in the Artic Circle, the Fluffster?

I'd say a German 9 is a UK 7 though. Never found them much cop to look at. 

Anything over a 7 is fine though realistically, right?

Oh yeah 7 is fine, I just mean deduct 2 for German-ness  

I don’t think 7 is legal mate. Not even in Saudi or wherever you live. 9 is prolly not either despite what the the Prophet PBUH got up to but take local advice  


Anyway, if I’m being honest I did not only score 7+, gotta be honest. But I did score nicely 

I’m not familiar with the verb to score being used in this way.

Are you implying that you gave them a mark out of 10, or that you in some way scarred them?