Sco v Ire
Wang's Upon a Time 09 Feb 19 14:55
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cracking game so far.

Elphi have u ever been right about anything?

Scotland deserved to lose with silly handling errors and penalty giveaways

I agree with Elphi. Yes they made some errors but they played innovatively and, as Greg Laidlaw rightly said, the ref wasn’t very nice to them. Ultimately Ireland deserved their victory but I think the Scots will and should feel unlucky.

“ref wasn’t very nice”

play to the ref then, that’s not bad luck that’s poor game management

if you agree the Scots definitely did not deserve to win, they were not unlucky

Life must be very dull for you, everything being so clear cut and black and white. 

I don’t think it was a fair point. I think you were quite obnoxious and unable to see that one team can deserve their victory whilst at the same time the losing team can feel that they were unlucky. 

And your point about playing to the ref would have some merit if they kept being penalised for the same thing, but I’m talking about things like the ref playing a ridiculous amount of penalty advantage, long after Ireland had taken an advantage. How are they supposed to “play to” that?


don’t be so sensitive

there were a couple of points where Scotland were unlucky, but then so were Ireland on occasion.

It’s not like Ireland won that match from a bad decision, they thoroughly deserved the win, the luck factor was marginal

the rule on penalty advantage has basically changed (well, the referee directions I think) which means you almost have to score now before it’s advantage over in a penalty situation. That changed a year or two back so I’m surprised you’re only noticing it now

As a separate point, that’s not really a very good example even if the ref was incorrect. You still have to play the ref.

funnily enough, on the two occasions I can remember the Scottish having a penalty advantage which they could play, they kicked it and ran it out

so they didn’t play the ref on that either 

Scotland had a penalty advantage during their 25 phase attack just before half time and it was over very quickly and I didn’t see any advantage. So nerr.


Well... ...frenetic first half and then physical slug fest in the second half as Ireland steadied the ship.

On balance I thought Ireland deserved to win and I was glad to see them battle hard after being bullied by England last week... ...Sexton's decision making was a bit flustered probably due to the speed of the Scottish defence but I don't think he was fully fit.

Good to see that Carbery could settle after gifting Scotland a try...


Stixta09 Feb 19 17:17




Scotland had a penalty advantage during their 25 phase attack just before half time and it was over very quickly and I didn’t see any advantage. So nerr.


Heh - confess I don’t remember that, if so the ref got it wrong there and that is inconsistent

I thought it was a bit off for the Laidlaw to criticise the ref in the post match interview live on TV... ...he was a bit rubbish on a lot of calls... ...but at least he was consistently rubbish.

For example he was very relaxed about Scottish bodies 'accidentally' finishing up on the wrong side of the ball in rucks.

Anyway, it won't matter in the long run as neither team will be winning the 6 Nations title this year.

Really? Eng have it in them to fvck it up with Ireland being the likely beneficiary 

Heh. Delphi and I are finally in agreement on something!

Stix m7 u and I regularly agree generally

It was a good game.

Ireland put the Scots under a lot of pressure particularly in the 2nd half. I suspect some of the Scots' handling errors were a result of that pressure.

Scots were a bit unlucky but that may have been because they couldn't settle into any kind of drilled routine?

Apropos nothing, why "The Oracle of Delphi"? γνῶθι σεαυτόν?

Meanwhile, in other news, I suspect Wales's record unbeaten run is not long for this world ....