the Germans I work with seem to prefer swearing in English anyway

Mom - if you’d been in a German Scheissemovie, you tell me, right?

That would probably be a Fetisch Film or eine Kacke Film.

Marina is great. As is David Squires (whom she retreated) who remains on form, yesterday’s was brilliant. 

Isn't it annoying for someone who uses a lot of quotes that people often will not get them? Or do you do it for your own pleasure? Mr Woo talks like you with his brothers. They have their own language basically. Does mrs strutter get all of them?

Look, there’s little enough proper injokes around these days without us having to resort to this sort of stuff. 

Yes, she does get pretty much all of them, but we have been together a fair while.

Also the core of my group of chums is chaps with whom I was at school so there are an awful lot of common points of reference.

That said, the South Park movie is hardly niche I would have thought 

See my 15.28 on South Park. I personally don't like it, but not niche, no.

Awww @ mrs strutter getting all of them tho!

Mr Woo and I (and all of our brothers/sisters) went to the same school (normal school, mind) so that helps in understanding what the hell they are on about.