Sandals to work

Is it necessary to paint one's toenails?

is it necessary to drink one’s own urine?

Not surprised the 'image insert' function doesn't work with this software 

Yes and not just for work either otherwise you look like a hippy

I find this unreasonable

I want to just have nude toes

Manicured with clear polish is fine

totally au naturel = climate change activist 

and I know how much you love those 

What Queenie said although I'm not a fan of nude polish/no polish.  If you have unkempt toes you may as well buy a pair of birkenstocks 

has anyone used footner exfoliating socks? I have. A week later and I’m shedding skin like a snake. Gross.

How times have changed. 25 years ago female fee earners wearing sandals to work in the City was a complete no no and tights were worn throughout the Summer other than on immediate return from holiday and only if sporting a very impressive tan. Don't know if the regions were the same.

(Manoeveres Zimmer frame back into retirement complex).