Samsung TVs

Yes, I know we did this recently when Judo got a new telly, but I can't be arsed to trawl through looking for the thread :)

Do the wise people of RoF generally think Samsung tellies are good or bad?

Thanks in advance


no worries. send me a link if you want something more thoughtful.  

i would go for panny for a main telly as i have said many times.  not sony evwr

I went for a Samsung in the end and most pleased with it. 

Daddy Stix is buying me a telly for my birthday (belatedly because I didn't have anywhere to put it until now).  We have gone for a Samsung, so thanks for your prompt help - I will get it on Wednesday :)

I'm stupidly excited about having a TV again.  It's going to be weird watching stuff not on a laptop!

I thought you were in some sort of squat that Techlis offered to join

Why the hell would I live in a squat?! I can’t decide whether I’m amused or insulted.

I thought the landlord was dumping some tenant on you without your say so  

He tried to!  That doesn’t make it a squat, and Teclis has nothing to do with it or me.

I thought Techlis offered to replace the tenant and protect you 

Ironic really that after all this broo ha ha,  Mary Queen of Scots son

ended up on the throne 

Good work stix, in time for the GOT final season and Good Omens on Amazon (April and May respectively iirc)

Get a projector not a telly.  Much smaller, much cheaper and bigger, better picture provided you have a white wall.  

I guess it wouldn't be RoF if someone didn't crop up and completely ignore what the OP has said and offer a load of old bollocks as an unhelpful alternative.

I have no idea how my name came up here.  Anyway, Wang why not a Sony out of curiosity? One of my tellys is a Sony and it works fine.  Was a bit overpriced but lovely picture etc.

Stix have you thought about instead of  telly having teclis round to perform popular shows like coronation st through the medium of mime?

She’d have me upside down in a scorpion pit with the simple message painted on the walls ‘learn the words’.


Sony and Samsung are some way out in front. Comparing them side by side with other TVs in the store shows how good they are. 

Hmm. The new place doesn’t have a scorpion pit. I’ll have to sort that out.

Fucking hell.  Even The Princess Bride looks all HD and shit.

I will get used to this I'm sure.

I remember seeing Phil Mitchell off of enders in HD for the first time.  some things require low definition