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arbiterofgoodtaste 16 May 19 16:28
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So I want to hire a Property Litigation solicitor / paralegal to manage circa 20 active cases.  £100k to a few million loans on Resi (mostly BTL) enforcement and Dev Finance enforcement / workout.  Bulk of the work probably still done by outside counsel but there is too much there to monitor off the side of the desk and it would be good to get someone in who kind of knows what they're doing rather than letting Ops liaise directly with external counsel.

I have absolutely no idea:

1. Whether this is the sort of stuff I can expect a paralegal to do (and get any real value) or if I really ought to be looking at a junior qualified?

2. What kind of salary I would be expecting to pay for a paralegal / junior doing that sort of stuff in not-London.

The UK is:



  Not London

  Here Be Dragons

for these purposes.

or is it one of those weird "oh yeah, ENgland" places

I always forget about england 

Bracknell more like.  Bristol is a long way west of the M25.

God my geography is shit. 

Actually a bit more South and West of London than I'd thought.  But a lot less West of London than Bristol.

it sounds like the bit that is basically as expensive as London without the mitigating excitement?

If it's Amazingstoke, you can discount the salary due to the exceptional quality of life on offer.

Sorry is this person actually doing the litigation or acting as a post box?

if the former they need to be qualified if no one is directly supervising them - 60k

if they're a post box then parablozz on 25k 

Come on people, I need finger in the air guessing of numbers here.

Far enough out to be quite a bit cheaper than London.  Mitigating excitement clearly massively dependent on what excites you - but like yeah, its definitely not London.

is it high wycombe? that's well expensive and the pizza express feels sad

I'm hoping for a bit more than a post box linda - but wouldn't be expecting them to rock up to hearings.  Most of it will definitely be liaising with (/ chasing) external solicitors.  Actually we do generally use baby Bazzas for hearings I think so it could be worthwhile paying a bit more and looking to carve back a bit of fees.  But insurance (and my arse on the line) if it fucks up...

Good point though thank you, if I go down the Parablozza route I need to refresh myself on quite where the dividing line is and apply some supervision if necessary at the borders.

Classic RoF! 13 replies and only one actual answer. 


1. Paraweasel should do the job

2. £25-27k for a paraweasel; £35-38k for a junior paper shuffled sol.

£60k for a hack doing volume enforcement work? Are you having an actual giraffe? 

Less than £40k for a qualified solicitor, Dux?

You must be joking, they pay more than that in the GLS.

When I worked in the regions a junior paper shuffling solicitor about 2-3pqe was clearing £60k albeit that was a proper firm rather than the high street prices you seem to have been quoted by dux.

I think the GLS pays really well when compared to most places outside the city - 50ishk plus DB pension is not to be sniffed at

obviously you have to factor in the relentless toll of advising total tedes

a lot of people lie about how much they are paid

100k for an NQ is not normal, maybe a couple of hundred people are in that sort of bracket (and even they have to fund their own pension pot)

Provincial firms pay peanuts. Literally. NQ salaries at high street shops start at about £30k.

I assumed the OP was a high street joke shop rather than the outpost of a City firm tbf.

I reckon the government pension (assuming it will ever pay out, we can never know) is worth another 20k

We were expressly forbidden from discussing our salaries or bonii so of course we all gossiped about it like mad.  That 60k was a few years ago tho now so I’d probably throw an extra 5k on top and factor in bonus.

Had a mate at pitmans as was , 6 years PQE, doing corporate work, ex Taylor Wessing was on 60 k and that was a struggle for him to get that in reading .

dread to think what they pay for commoditised  stuff

Christ, why even bother training if that’s the extent of your aspirations.  I do not understand it. 

For my tuppence - you want to hire someone who can (presumably) take some of your responsibility.  you do not want a fckwit and, whilst I absolutely concede that not all parablozzas are fckwits, those that arent will be off within a year and those that are will be a thorn in your side for years.

I think you want to pitch this at 2-4 peeka level and try and pay £65_80k for someone from Maccas or asshursts or herbies who lives that way and wants more w-l balance.

There’s always the lawyers on demand agile shit that some of the big boys seem to peddle.  If you can afford it I bet you’d find MUCH better quality that way, and no contractual long term obligations.

From personal experience, my own team brought a few of these in after a number of defections from the core associate group and honestly they were brilliant.  I think all offered a full time job if they wanted it.  

Just another option I guess.

God no.

I was part of a team - hence we say “my team”.  Just like I support Chelsea and they are my team, but I’ve never played for Chelsea.

I did run a team (non lawyers) that operated within the wider team (populated and led by lawyers and about 12 partners).

I was a bit of a weirdo borderline as I’ve done fee earning in the past and so know what it’s like at the coal face but wasn’t ever expected (or welcome lol) to do any fee earning once I took control of that small niche team.  Which sat within and entirely under the control of the office head of corporate.  I ran my team at his sufferance and borrowed his authority a bazillion times over heh.  Great guy.

I think you want to pitch this at 2-4 peeka level and try and pay £65_80k for someone from Maccas or asshursts or herbies who lives that way and wants more w-l balance.

Not sure I will be able to swing that much.

I wonder if I could get someone decent for £40k (actual rather than pro rata) on a three day week?

If I got RoF blocked on their computer they'd probably be as productive as me (albeit justifying not blocking RoF on my own computer could prove tricky).

Check out ES Agile and Lawyers on demand. You may be pleasantly surprised at the cost:quality ratios.

If you just drop a fair bit on someone that isn’t up to snuff then you’re screwed whereas with those guys at least you know you’re going to get some quality.

I think 65 to 80k is toppy and if everything is going to be sent out then do they really need to be of quality Wang suggests? I'd be surprised if you could find someone decent for 55 to 60k

I'll do it for 40k 3 days a week on top of my actual job. Sounds easy tbh 

I suppose the problem is its going to be a bunch of pointless chasing of stuff to make sure it appears to everybody that we're doing everything that we can.  But then some of the stuff is quite complex.

meh - I think start with a paralegal and we can then see if there is really extra value to add or if its just someone to run around chasing people.

i dont think the job content will appeal to anyone from the city firms, sounds like you need a litigator from a regional mid range firm. They might want 45-50k if 2-4 pqe, less for less, and at 4 pqe they’ll be droning on about career progression anyway.

why not an ilex? 

As someone who works in Not London, and has hired a solicitor in Not London, with a vague idea of salary brackets, what level of experience are you looking for and can I confirm that it is not Thames Valley and not Bristol? 

Not Thames Valley and not Bristol - I suppose the real question is what kind of qualification could I get for £40-50k as that is probably the kind of budget I have.

I'd have said between 3 - 6 years, depending on working hours and flexibility i.e. you may well find someone more experienced who wants a part time/flexible role in that bracket, if that suits your business. The advice I was given was that for more years of experience, £50k was very low, and at the other end, it was more likely to be around £65/70k.