Rugby World Cup predictions?


sadly, I don’t think we (England) will win it but who will? 

The All Blacks look beatable. It could perhaps be Ireland who evidently aren’t going to repeat their performance against England or maybe even a wild card, eg: Argentina?

Answers please? Top three?



This one has Aussie writ large all over it sadly

I don't know anything abut the current sa, aus and nz teams.

but history would say, the winner is likely to be aus or NZ!

I don't think England's pack (or squad of forwards) is good enough. and I think we are weak at scrum half and full back.


if it's not aus or NZ, it could be wales, England or SA

Ireland are always awesome leading into a WC, then bottle it.  Perhaps they're inverting their performance curve.


But All Blacks will win it. 

Then England 3rd XV absolutely spanked Wales 1st XV the other day. 

Wales peaked 6 months too early. I'm not sure they'll make it out of their group. I fancy Fiji to do a number on them.

It's literally the sixth biggest sport in Australia (pop. 24.5m) so fair dinkum if they do!

Sadly, Wales won't make the same mistake again. They'll move up a gear.

@Kimmy, I'd love to have your optimism but...

The All Blacks might well continue their form from Auckland. The telling thing was (IMO), Aus getting 0.

Saffas for me as well, then tight between NZ, Eng and Aus probably in that order.  That SA/NZ game on the 2nd day of the tournament is going to be epic and is the pick of the group games by a country mile.

Exciting that there are 6 teams who are in with a shot.

I don’t fancy Ireland - it’s come a year too late for them. I think that Wales are capable of beating everyone other than NZ - our game is so physical too that I worry about it taking its toll with injuries. We were ruined in the last WC with injuries all over the shop. 

I don’t think that England will be consistent enough to beat 3/4 of those sides and win it.

They’ve stuttered recently but NZ are still the team to beat.

I have no idea about the groups or schedules to know if this is actually possible or likely but on “who will be the four best teams in the tournament” I will say semis will be NZ, Eng, Wales and Straya

The only fixture wales v nz can happen is the final....


ZG my link above sets out the groups and lets you pick a winner at each round to oick the winner.

Can’t see Wales or Ireland doing well as recent performances have been all over the place.  Japan might be dangerous with some good home support and may affect who goes through from their group.

Can’t see past New Zealand.  They’re hurting and will want to make a couple of statements.  Obviously I would love Wales to win, but I’d put us at 2nd favourites.  What concerned me most about the Ireland game, despite being reserves, was the sheer number of errors.

If we were trying to figure out who the best backups are for squad depth then I suppose that problem has been solved, but we really do need to work on those missed tackles in particular.

In Dublin, both teams will be playing their first XVs so maybe that will help us gauge things a bit better.  We haven’t peaked too soon, we’ve just overachieved, as Lord Gatland of Glamorgan stated the other day.


NZ to best SA in the final having lost to them in the pool match. 

but history would say, the winner is likely to be aus or NZ

Does it? Or SA or England, no?


Puts Ireland above England. 

BA HA HA HA HA HA HA. HA HA HA HA HA HA. HA. Ireland won't get close until a RWC is held in Ireland. 

Forgetting the draw, my logic is this:

NZ favourites.

Teams most likely to beat NZ - SA, France, possibly Aus.

IF New Zealand are beaten pre-final, favourites England or South Africa.

Wales and Ireland will lose to the first of the big 3 southern hemisphere teams they play.

Northern Hemisphere is tight re who's the best. My tuppence is that if playing their best game, it's clearly England, but then we generally don't play our best game other than at HQ. I'd put a full strength Wales as favourites against France or Ireland (the latter look like losing to us at the start of the 6N literally destroyed their confidence).

It is astonishing that Wales and Ireland have only won two knock out matches at the RWC since its inception. 

that’s because they can really only get fired up playing england 

NZ or SA for me with Wales as a (heart over head) third choice.

I can't see Wales beating NZ. Not sure we have that in us in a big competition. It's more psychological than anything. 

I could see us beating Aus or SA.  If somebody else puts NZ out then it is possible we could do it.

Notwithstanding the mishaps in the warm ups I do think Wales are probably the strongest of the northern hemisphere teams. 

I still don't think we'll do it though...  

I don't think Wales will win either but it's the first time I have thought it's a possibility if things fall in our favour.

Otherwise I think the Saffers have a decent chance.