rugby world cup to be cancelled

given the climate crisis, shouldn't we cancel it?


What we should cancel is the deforestation in the south America and in Asia; the pumping out of fossil fuels all over the place; the excessive use of cars versus cycling instead; the use of single use plastics; the excessive consumption of new technology which has an adverse affect on the planet due to the utilisation of rare metals; the pumping of waste into the oceans; the over fishing; the huge island of rubbish floating in the Atlantic.

You think a few flights to Japan is really going to have a major affect on climate change? Nah.

everyone one should be forced to travel by small sailboat - should probably leave now ish....

We should probably cancel it on the basis that atmospheric levels of dullness are reaching a catastrophic tipping point from which humanity may never recover.

atmospheric levels of dullness are reaching a catastrophic tipping point


The Premier League is much worse for that....


Watchoo talkin’ bout lady

Ray doesn't like cricket as it's not "Gaelic" enough. 

Re op ofc but no one wants to give up the thing they like.

Fortunately carbon is just Lucifer for the godless. 

ray, if we sacrifice the rugby world cup and the Olympics , maybe we can keep the ashes

The olympics can definitely go.

Who actually turns out to watch most Olympic sports on a regular basis? Almost no one.

It is branding the whole thing as Olympic that causes the travel.

By the way, as a Londoner still waiting for the repayment of my personal financial contribution towards that event which was sold to us on the basis that it would make a profit.

your repayment only become a priority after 13 million other Londoners have been gifted mortgage free mansions. soz

The Olympics is the legacy of ancient civilisation which unites the planet in celebration of athletic prowess.

Rugby Union is an arcane game played by the Celtic fringes of a cold island in the Atlantic, and a few antipodeans.

But at least lots of people pay to go to see it on a regular basis

8.8 million people visited the London Olympics.

They all paid.

The Games are as regular as clockwork every 4 years.


while i appreciate this is simply a trolling attempt, there r a few glaring errors

1 rugby is more modern than football, so if it is “arcane”, football is even more so

2 rugby is also a major sport in random places like france, the argentine, the republic of georgia and growing in places like japan, the usa and chile; it is now v widespread

3 u also left out sub-saharan africa, i.e. rsa, zimbabwe and kenya from ur list


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Rugby Union is an arcane game played by the Celtic fringes of a cold island in the Atlantic, and a few antipodeans.

They most certainly did not all pay.

And those that did pay had their seats massively subsidised.

Mostly by me. 

"rugby is more modern than football, so if it is “arcane”, football is even more so"

Do you actually know what arcane means? You might be thinking of the word archaic?

"while i appreciate this is simply a trolling attempt"


how rude

“rugby is more modern than football” is the stupidest thing posted on ROF in its history

" u also left out sub-saharan africa,"


I guess, this coming from a remoaner, i should nt really be surprised but I did not previously have you down as a racist Oracle.

Rugby is ace

Football is ace

The olympics is ace

On balance i would probs pick the lympix as best but only if struttz has to pay every time

Is Oracle of Delphi having a Jekyll & Hyde moment? The posts at 08.54 and 08.55 are contradictory.

Surely the Ashes could now be played by video link using virtual reality saving an enormous amount of unnecessary air travel.

I am with laz on the "arcane" debate.  Rugby and soccer were one and the same thing for centuries.  Rules would differ from one county or even village to the next and probably for a long time involved lecels of physical contact that would have Cristiano R9naldo pirouette rolling for the length of the pitch.  I think I am right in saying that some of the clubs represented at the first codification meeting (freemason's arms, nice boozer and a good steak sarnie) of what would become assoc football declined to attend the second and instead formed the nucleus of rugby football (blackheath were one i think).

Dux I was thinking more like a hybrid of VR and those golf simulators in a net rather than the armchair cricket game...

People who have played golf simulators:  are you better on a simulator than an actual course? do the simulators these days include putting?

I went on a corp hosp golf sim event once.  I made it round in about 3 over par (9 hole) and got the longest drive.  This suggests to me that the "simulation" computer was very much a work in progress.  It was on that rd where sidley austin's office is.

Ah right I see! They could just play Ashes 05 on the Wii.

No dicey that was not a humblebrag, i am properly shyt at golf

sorry yes i misunderstood arcane in a friday morning brain freeze moment, apologies

the rest of my point stands though

'8.8 million people visited the London Olympics.

They all paid.'



I don't think THEY all paid

8.8 million is a lot to be fair. we should definitely cancel the Olympics.

or maybe postpone the next one until 2060 if the climate crisis is under control

wot is ur weird climate change thing diceman?

i know u r a proper wrong’un, but this particular line of straw manning is standout incoherent, relatively speaking

Don't worry Ray, Ducks will be all over the rugby world cup threads when they start.

He is a throwback act. Pinch of salt and all that. Court Jester should be his name.


I probably will follow it, but it's a joke to call it a global sport when 99% of the world don't even know the rules.