Rugby Predictions - Week 3

Wang 15 (inc 2 point deduction for being a lazy khunt)

??? 15

Lady Penelope 15

Wellers 15

Martian Law 15

Zero Gravitas 13

3-dux 11

Aviator 10

EC2Y 10

Meursault 10

Stixta 8

Strutter 8

Monty 8

Jethers 8

Boarder 4

Asturias Es Mi Patria 0


France vs Scotland (Early Sat)

Wales vs England (Late Sat)

Italy vs Ireland (Sunday)

It must come a cropper soon (as will the Jonny May gambit....)

It's like Dirk Gently's Zen method of navigation: pick any car that look's like it knows where it's going and follow it.

if England beat wales, they can maybe experiment with different players in the last 2 matches.  We need to get the winger Joe C back in

Well he'll be on the bench on Saturday because Ashton is now crocked...

they can maybe experiment with different players in the last 2 matches

Seems unlikely given a GS is up for grabs. Would border on arrogance with a decent Scotland side still to play as well.

Scotland- Maitland


Ireland- Stockdale

Agreed wellers, and they are also now only 3 meaningful games out from the start of the world cup. This is a time for consolidating playing partnerships, not experimenting with new line ups.

Yes Dux I got them all spectacularly wrong.

Or maybe I just didn't enter at all.

only 3 meaningful games out from the start of the world cup.

I suspect people will be taking the "autumn" internationals (in august this year) fairly seriously as a warm up as well as to lay down a marker.

Agreed. As always though, the squad/team will be mostly determined by who isn't out injured

Scotland are turbofvcked, Finn Russel is likely out now. 

Talk me through your decision not to have May as first scorer ML

Wales won't be as naive as France and I'm expecting the first try to come through midfield.  

I agree.  I think Mayball is a genius tactic of eddies to force warren to play his back 3 so far back they'll be in Newport

You never enter, Chambers.

Despite posting on every other Rugby thread and claiming expertise in the field.

Funny that.  

At this rate I am going to have to copy ML again.

France - Huget

Wales - Williams (L)

Ireland - Stockdale


OK, this week I shall be mostly following Stix.  


What she said.

I've already cashed in my best on England to win overall as I fear that at some point the wheels will fall off in spectacular fashion.  Have put a small bet on Italy to win this weekend as couldn't resist a long odds flier.

France - Fickou

Wales - May

Ireland - Kearney


Not making my life easy by failing to submit predictions in for week 2 but Hey Ho !

France - N'tamack

Wales - May

Ireland - Stockdale

France - Penaud

England - May

Ireland - Stockdale

Scotland - Kinghorn

England - Big Billy Vunipola!

Ireland - Aki

France / Huget

England/ L Williams

Ireland / Stockdale