Rugby Predictions - Week 2





Zero Gravitas4



Lady Penelope4





Martian Law4


Asturias Es Mi Patria0

Scotland vs Ireland (early sat)

Italy vs Wales (late sat)

England vs France (sun)


no friday game this week so deadline is 23.59 Friday night.



Scotland vs Ireland:

Ireland / Earls

Italy vs Wales:

Wales / North

England vs France

England / May

Do you want me to post the teams on that other thread again when announced? 

wales and eng will obvs win. Scotland will win a surprise victory against ireland

I am going to hq on Sunday so England bound to lose. I’ll make up for it by obnoxiously braying my way through ten pints of Guinness and taking a piss in buzz’s garden. 

I actually fancy Scotland. Ireland could go the way of England last year quite easily. 

Have you got those scores right wellers? How did Asti and 3Dux get 0 points?!!

They predicted Italy wins while everyone else banked the east two points

Welly I think you have forgotten to deduct me a point for copying.

I will be doing the same this week.  if someone else works out wtaf we are meant to be doing I am#+1

I've just had an e-mail about tickets to watch "England v Wales and Italy" which sounds like an unusual but exciting match.

sailo u can surely solve for any excitement...

Scotland / Laidlaw

Wales / Holmes

England / Daly


Might change these when the squads are announced.

Ireland (Stockdale)

Wales (L Williams)

England (May)

Ireland (Stockdale)

Wales (J Davies)

England (May)

I am going to copy ML's predictions this week.

I hope you continue to have points deducted for laziness 

I am an officer of the superior court and will of course obide by the ruling of Welly, J, Master of the Trolls.

Scotland vs Ireland:

Scotland / Stockdale

Italy vs Wales:

Wales / North

England vs France

England / May

Scotland v Ireland

Scotland / Laidlaw

Italy vs Wales

Wales / Young

England vs France

England / Mako

Scotland v Ireland

Ireland - Rob Kearney


Italy vs Wales

Wales - Dan Biggar


England vs France


Ireland - stockdale


Wales - Liam Williams


England - ashton


Did somebody just post something?  I can't see anything since 16.31...


Ireland ... Stockdale

Wales ... L Williams

England ... May


The new rof smileys are shit, btw.  As evidenced in my last post.

Missed week 2 :(


I would have gone with all the right winners and all the correct first try scorers however,  so can I have loads of points anyway :)

Come on Wellerz, get on with it so we can start correcting your inevitable scoring errors.