Royal sex tape

Would u watch Will at it with his side chick; or perhaps Meg with old ginger-pwabs? What would make you "like and subscribe"?

Nothing short of Zara and Lady Kitty getting bagpiped by a company of the grenadiers.

Megan, Kate and Rose all together at it like thirsty kittens.

The Queen having a go on Camilla with a 14 inch black strapon

I'd suggest a public subcription to ensure that any Airmiles Andy/Fergie tapes are destroyed and never seen by one. I'm sure they will exist in the form of grainy Betamax hideousness but as AA will do anything for money if we raise enough he'll sell and they can be burned.

Tbh I’m still traumatized by those toe sucking pictures.

Prince Charles getting 'cuckolded' by James Hewitt (he's watching through a gap in the cupboard)