Good post.

I count 2 spelling mistakes in the article and 1 under the photograph.

I also like how the councillor has managed to gain some pre-election publicity for his mate by dragging him along to be photographed too. I also like how they both turned up looking a bit dishevelled.

Excellent piece of local journalism.

8/10. I have deducted marks for the poor spelling and I would have liked to have seen direct quotes from the councillor.

Christ imagine this was your job. I bet the reported dreams of being the next Woodward or Bernstein but instead ends up writing a story on the lack of a Stop sign.

I gave up counting the number of mentions of councilllors, candidates and outrage at things.  Although I’m a bit of a fan of the sub genre of “photographs of councillors pointing at things”


i was also reminded that it’s impossible to have something happen at a primary school that isn’t photographed.  Guarantee sales to the parents

habe you seen afterlife . He appeals to nail the Woodward and Bernstein angle 

I must admit I haven't perused the Mourne Observer or Down Recorder for a good 10-15 years. Is the Down Democrat still going?

If you're a fan of councillors pointing at things there's a website dedicated to MLAs pointing at things. Arlene features heavily.

I used to like the photographs of the pub skittles teams. Some of them barely had a tooth between them.

Did Roy ever complete that charity cycle ride. I remember when he was asking for donations on here. Real name and everything, no messing around. Hope he did.

Sorry Chambo, you're mixing me up with someone else. I'm Ray, not Roy. I have never done a charity cycle nor solicited funds for one.

Chambo I’ve been posting on and off since 2005 under different guises. 

Give me a clue as to who you used to post as Ray. I've been Chambers on here for many years. Sad, I know, but I can't be bothered to change username.

Too many to remember. I only change names when I forget login details.