Root canal

I’m potentially having this on a cracked molar tomorrow. I’ve spoken to two dentists of my acquaintance and the first thing they asked me was if I wanted to keep it (implying extraction would be easier and cheaper). I’m now considering this. 

Anyone have anything good to say about root canal?

Yep, got loads of them.  Expensive but usually solve the problem compleatly.  Have had one of about 6-7 go bad after like 5 years and have to be re-done, rest of them have been fine, including a couple now 30 years old

Costs loads less to get an extraction obviously and I have one of those too, but it risks making other teeth go wonky and can be a pain eating certain foods.  Depends which tooth it is obviously

Was it an nhs dentist?

wot oancakes said, have the woot canaw

I had one about 5 years ago. It has been fine so far. 

I wouldn't want to lose teeth. Extractions can have problems too - dry socket etc. 

I had a really bad few years of dental issues all going back to an accident where I smacked my face up a bit

I would encourage you to do this step by step.  Root canal surgery and a crown then, if that fails, you can have an extraction and implant or bridge later.  Do not opt for the last solution first.

I had damage to three teeth in a row. i had to have three post crowns, in theory, but one of the nerves couldn't be removed from a drilled tooth because there was more damage further down so they had to do an apesectomy - cut the gum and nip the top off the root nd remove it from there, then stitch.  Sheer fooking misery.  But even when that had been done I ended up losing that tooth, so all that fooking around ended in having to have a fixed bridge between two post crowns with a fake in between. However, even that tale of misery didn't stop me opting for the root canal on a molar that split ten years later because it's really important to try and keep a tooth.  If you take it out then things move around and the gap - not just in your teeth but in the structure of your gum - gets moved into. Everything shifts about and the void is problematic for a while and can get inflamed, cause infections and discomfort.  Do everything to keep a root and crown of tooth even if it is sans nerve. Then you have something natural to fit a crown to.

Would also advocate having root canal over an extraction. If you lose teeth it can change the contour of your face a bit. Both my dentists, the private and the NHS, advocate for a step by step approach to these things.

Have had it done privately and on NHS. Private was way more chilled but way more expensive. Root canal on the NHS costs but not massively and the fee covers all the appointments. 

I had a root canal on the NHS that they must have lost money on hand over foot

Several times I've had one the tooth has lasted another 4/5 years before needing to be removed. So if the dentist is asking you this it is probably in their mind that yours may well be such a case.

But you know... I did get another 4/5 years of tooth so...

The 1st sentence should have ended "....on as it took so many appointments"

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