Roffing from the NHS

a staff member is being very rude to an old person patient. 

I was there earlier Tam.  They made me look at where's waĺly while they stole my blood.  Assume I've been selected for cloning post brexit.

i fucking found wally tho, the stripey ween wankbladder

Presses no on the “ Your opinion matters” machine in reception 


htf have i accented an L there.  who accents Ls?  i am looking at you Abbs and Tecco...

did you have to find Wally in a mine or a male voice choir or some other stereotypical Welsh place?



PS did the old person deserve it?

Jasper says hi....well he would if he could talk or be bothered to wake up...

No to be clear, I had to find wally (who, by the way, would benefit from some sort of gps) because if some one leaches blood from me i aint fooking watching that shyt

Doggers! I didn’t forget the chip thing. The manufacturer was no help and the vet surgery closed down. Sorry :(

Also, can I send you a teenager? Will work (if beaten). 

Tam, you’re not having a rest stay with them I hope? And have you started eating? Big love xxx