Roffing from hospital (again)

my appointment for an ultrasound needle biopsy was 65 minutes ago

they have managed to do X-rays of at least 30 (mainly) old people so far in that time 

I think they are doing a secret experiment on monitoring anxiety levels 

i wish I had brought some lunch with me 

please distract me people 

It annoys me that they don't prioritise working people

I will try to think of a joke

Yes I think you should have to show evidence of current full-time employment in order to be eligible for appointments at the beginning or the end of the day.

My last GP surgery operated on a drop in basis only and opened at 8:30am. Every time I got there at 7:45 to be first in line there was a queue of fucking pensioners already waiting.

Fuck off and come back later when people like me are working, you selfish old gits!

Well I am done

(working from home today but didn’t expect it to take that long)

and they had to do it 3 times and by the third time I was a bit hysterical and a nurse had to hold my hand

(is definitely some sort of lump on saliva gland, 90% likely to be benign) but having a needle stuck in your face for several minutes three times in a row was worse than childbirth

fuck this shit I might go and find a pub garden 

anyway ta for RoF distraction 

Now having a medicinal vodka

I now know why I was kept waiting as my appointment took well over an hour and required 4 people

anyway usual shout out to the NHS who, slow moving frustrations aside, continue to be awesome

They want you to think that but they're probably the worst in northern Europe. A true money pit.

Good work on the vodka.