Rof weirdos

are they all back now?

How would you know...

...I have no idea who anyone is with all the name changes.

Who are you?

I’m am me and been for a few years. 

Theres seems to be a few new names feigning that they are new posters and tecco is in spam the board mode. 

DDK is the weird German with the far right views. Albeit I wouldn’t actually class him a rof weirdo. 

my views are not far right, I am a critic of islam, not a racist

many of my views are left wing, e.g. liberal drug policies, gay marriage and other stuff

Spam the board?? I’ve made like four posts in the last week.

Can't decide who Bloop used to be but he's not got any funnier.

By "RoF weirdos", do you mean the select band of relatively sane people who moved to lawBla (temporarily)?  You do realise that none of them was part of the troll/outey brigade and that there has been none of that sort of behaviour on LawBla since it started up, don't you?

Heh, come off it Badman you had a proper "I'm never coming back" flounce.

Yes, because the place turned sh1t, nasty and some dickhead kept outing Laz with absolutely no attempt by RoF Towers to intervene and stop it.  Does that make me a weirdo?  The place has changed, so I'm back.  Still on Lawbla though, as it has a more relaxed vibe. 

The only circumstances in which certain of the denizens of lawbla would be relatively sane is if they were lined up next to some of the US's more notorious religious cult leaders, Sinead O'Conner and Donald Trump.

I think rof did more than you think to deal with that poster

and was there ever a proper explanation as to why the first incarnation of 'lawbla ' had to be closed down??

I didn't think that Sinead and Donald were religious cult leaders, Buzz?

Lollers I couldn’t give a flying one about lawbla, I was talking about “bloop arseport”, del sagno and the silks thread generally. 

Not, ftaod, those who make up stories about leaving notes on drunk people or punching football fans on the way home. 

Well I think I can decide who bloop used to be but regardless of that, you’ve spammed the board all week with random shyte about what you’re watching on tv and got sweatily enthusiastic about a few things that inclines me to think you’re a weirdo. 


and I'm beginning to think that zero gravitas is a bit of a grumpy and arrogant weirdo

bloop entertains me a lot better than you do

This zero bloke gets a bit oddly obsessive from time to time.  He is still convinced that I was someone called deveraux or something.  Which I was not.

hth hth 

None of them are me, I'm way too boring to bother with multiple names. I asked bloop who s/he used to post as and no answer was forthcoming.

It's Cordelia Chase.

Who gets very upset if you claim that he is the same poster as Bright Carver.