Rof Valentines Day thread

A place to post your declarations of love


Toses are red, violets r blue,

if your sister did Alan, I’d do her too.

After, like.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Who was RoF Cupid, was it you?

No! It was me, but a banning was done

I’m through with RoF, shove it up yo bum. 

FF is being feisty. With that offer...tecco with turn


To quote a romantic message noted in a publication:

Roses are red, your minge is blue's not grey yet, but long overdue

Ok, for old times' sake.


To Buzz:

I'm a jealous ho

Bitch needed to go

Buzzdog was too much of a looker

Don't look in the pot on the cooker

With puppy eyes I want to stare at you

I'll lick your toes and pee in your shoe

Hump your leg and chew a sock

All so I can have a go on your cock

I wish proboner was posting again

so I could slide a naughty pic into his DM

His rough talking makes weak in the knees

Let me snap your banjo string, PLEASE?


names don't matter woo.

it's the romantic swooning... and you are killing the competition there

with all the perverts on here, this used to be an annual rhyme fest of epic naughty proportions

No badly packed kebab or elephant impression was left out

Now it seems there's nothing or nobody to rhyme about?

To Badman:

I'll take a lunchtime fingerbang in the old alley

if you can accept your fingers being smelly

for the rest of the day

as you type away

marking up a multi currency revolving credit agreement

whilst ignoring a stiffy - quite an achievement!!


ok....let's tun this bitch up

To Tam:

there was a foxy bird called tam

she was a fan of a bit of ol' dram

she had the elegance of jessica rabbit

with corresponding woofers to perk up a hobbit

all too fine and smooth....and damnn!



Is this a good time to remind everyone I'm not a native speaker?

My heart's all aflutter

when  I read posts by strutter

I think of him when I'm butt in the air

waiting for him to mount the tally ho chair


There once was a lady called stick,

who made me want to grab onto my dick,

and tug it for yore,

I wanted some more,

but she always said “fuck off”.

im sorry it didn’t rhyme.


To Martian

Altho feet noshin' ain't my 'thang'

I'll let you lick 'em if you give me a good bang

This thread is indeed atrocious. And all sorts of eww. 

stickers requires some more romantic inspirations to be suitably giddy with love

To stickers (for tecco):

You smooth that score sheet with those firm hands

you flick that hair and rumble some pants

just don't ..suck that score card pencil

it will forever tickle the umpires' council

asking for tecco..... fancy some drinks and dance?

Roses are Red

Poems are icky

it's time to make Tricky's wet Woo Woo sticky

To Rof's Big Knockers


Bouncy and jiggly and soft and pert

they are like crack to the average pervert

But their proportions are nothing compared to the ROF fools

who creep and crawl and sneer, and hide like tools

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Flub, flub, flub, flubbely

Mmmm, thanks Trick Woo

To Abbey

Looking for some hot stuff baby this evening

looking for some hot stuff baby tonight

looking for some hot stuff baby this evening

gotta have some hot stud, gotta have some hot STUD toniiiiight!!!

To Wang:

You swing that light sabre so good

It never fails to get me in the mood

for some cosplay with Darth Vader

as my personal space invader



Oh, admit it, it's awesomely bad.

Besides, I don't see anyone else topping my efforts yet

Roses are red

Rof is orange

What 3 dux said


That is one of the lesser crimes on this thread, Wellers

aww, although it appears from some of the posts above that you're the subject of lust

TBF, being the subject of Tecco's lust is rather damning with faint mentalist praise.

No offence stix

If I were single Stix, you'd be top of my list.

Sort of rhymes doesn't't it.

To Stix

You may think you're just an old crusty hag

But I still wood, fancy a shag?

Coffers obviously I’m grateful at my time of life for pretty much anything but that was fucking terrible