RoF toddler parents - nursery closure

Is yours going to charge full rate despite being shut? Mine is, despite clearly not having the overheads they would while open.

Grasping [email protected].

Boris said he was going to cover the cost of school / nurseries.

Lazy skiving cunt teachers want to eat while not working. Outrageous. 

yeah, but I think that's the employer's/state's job to cover that cost, not the customer not getting a service.

Ours is claiming they don’t legally need to shut!

they have said if they close they’ll charge full fees as they expect many parents to withdraw their kids from nursery completely and the rest need to pick up the slack

Ours is closing Friday, they just announced it. Sure things haven't changed Wellers?

Thuggy I appreciate the staff overheads, but I'm still paying for things like food and utilities that aren't going to be there as overheads.

Fully expect the kids' school will want full terms fees after Easter even if they're shut. Ex h can argue that one out 

IK m4. They are being grasping cunts and no service no pay. They often know they have parents over a barrel and tasks the fullest possible advantage of it

It can pay phenomenally well. Might even be a better racket than care homes given they will all be empty by next month. 

Having threatened to remove my little one from their care, I've been offered a 20% discount on next months bill.


Ours haven't decided what to do yet. They were seeking further information from the government over fees...

Ours have announced they're shutting on Friday and have been entirely silent on fees.  Mini-Arb only has 5 months to go and its one calendar month's notice.  Feels a bit khunty but kind of tempted to tell them we're pulling her out unless we get some information about this.  They've not been covering themselves in glory recently anyway.

I could stomach paying reduced fees if we were being told that all staff will remain fully paid - but I'm loathe to end up committing to May's fees when we're just getting radio silence.

Whoopie shit is how your child will be treated when the staff find out you werent willing to stand by them.

Schools here are charging full rate

They still have to pay teachers and rent. Their argument is: we're a charitable foundation, if you want us to be here in six months to still educate your kids, pay up. They're right. We all share the pain a little.

I have sympathy with that view Laz. Ours are doing a full programme of timetabled distance learning with video conferencing at the start of each lesson, tasks, testing and marking all as normal. Pastoral care available down the phone. The staff are still working and need paying.

You have pastoral care at a nursery? Fuck me sideways with a power tool. 

The staff in this case are not working at all. I don't object to them being paid anyway. It's having to pay full rate when many of their overheads will be minimal since the place is shut. Fvck that.

in what way will many of their overheads be minimal

Some nurseries are asking for 70%, it might be fair enough but I'd like to see what they're paying their staff

Laz- food, overtime, cleaning, wear and tear (on the property that they own). 

School I’ve not got a problem with. 

I’ve not got a problem with paying enough that the nursery can pay staff costs. 

I have got an issue when paying full whack for a nursery my child only has 5 months left at when I’ve not even been assured that the money is going to the staff. 

Our nursery just confirmed that payment is suspended until they're open again. 

Which is nice. 

Arbiter - rather than whining on here incessantly about little Cressida’s fees,  feckin remove said issue from nursery and email  them to say that you’re not paying, and you know your rights as you are a lawyer.

I’m sure that they will back off.

Most nursery overheads are staff costs. My daughter loves it there and the staff are great so I am happy to pay in the short term provided neither me or my wife get fired. 

when I asked today they said they didn’t know if they will close or not but the expectation is they will stay open for ‘key workers’ and aren’t going to say no to others dropping off their kids. It changes every day though I guess. 

I see they’re exempt from business rates as of 1st april

Ours is shutting tomorrow. They have not asked parents to keep paying fees but have said that anything that is paid will go to staff. On that basis a number of parents, including me, are going to keep paying.* I'm also going to keep paying my cleaner even though she is not coming over at the moment. Wife and I are fortunate that we can WFH and continue to be paid, so happy to help others that won't. 

*The slight difficulty being that a number of the staff have already been hired by parents to look after their kids during working hours, so not sure we will continue paying if it transpires most staff are earning elsewhere. 

On what basis can they charge consumers full fees for a service not being performed?  

Different kettle of fish for private schools doing remote learning etc, but a nursery?

Govt or insurers can compensate them.  

I can see a case for voluntary payment for the benefit of the community/making sure it's there for your younger kids *if* Govt/insurers aren't coughing up, but otherwise..?

In my view as the list of key workers is so very long including justice system, financial services and all sorts most of them can stay open and continue to provide the service (and as seen above some are). I doubt the policemen so busy stopping people walking down the street with easter eggs and dying lakes black are going to go into  a nursery and decide that child's parent does criminal ligitation work so can stay in but that toddler is out on his ear because the parent does civil litigation.

Lydia it's up to the local authority as to how the rules are interpreted. In Southwark both parents have to be key workers and neither can work from home if they want to keep the kidz in school / nursery.

People need to start looking at themselves

On the one hand we have a board full of people advocating that everyone in law should continue to be paid come what may and if they are not then this is terrible form - so those people who buy these types of services still have their money - but they are wanting not to pay small fragile businesses that typically operate hand to mouth and will likely cause severe hardship if they lose their revenue. 

Pay your nursery, pay your swimming teachers, pay your gym club regardless of whether they can operate. you are almost all continuing to be paid and anything else frankly is the form of an uberkhunt


Ok Parsnip but where do you draw the line on funding a closed business where the staff are paid by the govt, who enjoy relief from business rates, who don't pay utilities, food etc while shut?

What Parsnip said.

If we're being paid, we should pay the people who rely on us.

Especially if we want them to be there after this shit is over.  And especially if (as many are) some are asking for reduced rates to simply cover the costs of trying to survive.

The khvnty thing was shutting it all dowm and setting fire to the economy.

If you want to give away your own money and get nothing in return that's up to you but given what's coming next it would be far better to give it to a foodbank or women's refuge or homeless shelter than to finance unnecessary and undelivered consumerism.

i don't draw the line. I continue to be paid - i continue to pay. most of those business are offering up value once and being inventive. They have families to feed and they have bills to pay and the government paying their staff 80% of their pay just doesnt cover the true cost of doing business

If you pay the nursery there may well be a few less customers for the women’s refuge or homeless shelter. The employees- overwhelmingly women - are on very low pay and will not be many unpaid months away from big trouble (notwithstanding the suspension of evictions- debt accruing anyway)

Why should I pay them when their BI insurers are paying them?


Of they are on very low pay the 2500 a month (way more than the average salary) that taxpayers are already covering should be more than adequate.

Let's not forget all the other costs of businesses that taxpayers are stumping up fir here too, like paying business rates, covering VAT deferrals, paying the interest to banks on commercial loans for them etc

If you think business interruption insurers are actually paying out at the moment you are mistaken. 

I know they're paying out to our nursery because I drafted the coverage challenge.