ROF Summer Drinks - Friday 23rd August

It is happening!


Good people of ROF we shall gather together at The Kings Arms on Roupell Street on Friday 23rd


- will Shooter be there with his piece concealed?

- will Abbz ever be happy about the cost of a bottle of wine in London?

- will I wear a dress that is quite revealing on the cleavage?

- will Stix let Jayerz out from the shoebox under her desk?



If you’re revealing everything, that should guarantee a decent turnout!

Count me in

Alas, I will be on Dartmoor. I will be there in spirit.  But fortunately not in spirits.

Terribly sorry, but I cannot be there. Not even on a promise of cleavage.

 Have fun y’all.

I might see if I can make this, would be good to learn the insane kung fu

I shall pop along. Will be good to debate Brexit etc in person.

Someone please do the honors and smack LA about the head 

I reckon Stix has a got a bit of crush on our Phoebe.

What’s this? Tecco’s going as well?

I distinctly said the 16th feebs, not the 23rd.

I know you did my darling, but I had to go with the majority.


Plus this way we get to have drinks just the two of us on the 16th

Well I can’t say that I am in favour of this democracy thing, but I see your logic.

Depends on timing strutter, if it works out I can pop my head around the corner but I am in Vienna the following week and flying from London, as well as needing to see a few people in London that I’ve been putting off for months now.  Good to be the client.  

Anyway if it does work out I’ll let y’all know.  I’m not drinking at the moment tho, which renders it a bit pointless but there’ll be a few people it would be nice to catch up with (including your good self of course).

I thought you were so sick you couldn't work that was why you were claiming all the benefits

I have never been to RoF drinks but, at the prospect of decent cleavage, I may make a particular effort this time.

I thought you couldn't walk more than 50 metres without assistance ?

This thread isn’t about me it’s about Rof drinks.  I can’t stand up for long periods nor can I walk distances over 200m or so without pain.  A walking stick counts as assistance.

Bernstein, if you give me a nonny email I will photograph the bloody pip assessment results for you.  Honestly. 

So how the hell can you be galvanting off to Vienna? 

You get awfully defensive about people reminding you what you've posted.

It’s just tiresome stick.  Also he exaggerated, a sin of which I am of course guilty but still.  Anyway “gallivanting” off to Vienna isn’t exactly difficult, plenty of taxis available.

Also I think I mentioned the Vienna trip months ago and no one saw fit to question my ability to get a taxi to an airport back then.  He’s just trying to have a poke for pokes sake.

I shall be there - exciting times. However, my handler tells me that I technically shouldn't have told you all about the concealed carry (something to do with section 17(3) of the Firearms (Concealed Carry Concealment) Act 2016). As such, I will not be allowed to make reference to my ROF username.

I'm not saying that you should instead look out for the smart gentleman in the corner wearing 'comfortable fit' chinos, but just know that you'll have a guardian angel watching over you all that eve. A guardian angel that will (1) run, and (2) hide admittedly, but still, you're welcome.

Not having a pop. Just intrigued at the disconnect between being virtually a hospital case in Cornwall, and international businessman of the year in Austro- Hungary  

This was my reason my not having Tecco in my ROF fantasist dream team; too many own goals ;-)

I was also a vote for 16th.

Can I join the secret pheebs/strutter drinks? I think you’ll find me an asset to the party (but I won’t overstay my welcome). 

Jesus. Even the fly on the wall at that drink will turn their head in shame.

How does Pheebs' décolletage rate on a scale of 1 to Lula Fortune?

A feebs and fonders sandwich?

With my reputation?

Are they quite mad?

Supes, I would say 5.


though next to Fonders they are a 3

Chronic underestimate.

Both have been known to make grown men weep and cause life long atheists to thank god for his infinite bounty.

You've got that right, Supes.  Just not in the way you think.