ROF Summer Drinks - Friday 13th August - RSVP & Planning Thread

The Roferati have voted, and the winner is Friday the 13th!

There were exactly 27 votes for 13, 20, and 27th, so my vote for the 13th, takes it to first place. 

Lots of suggestions for venues - several for the OBE, quite a few for Farringdon and/or the Fence. Someone suggested the Founders Arms (not sure where that is) etc. 

I think somewhere near karaoke in Smithfield Market makes sense. 

Everyone please RSVP on this thread and make venue suggestions and I will book something in the next couple of weeks. 

I should be in.

There’s the Butchers Hook on Smithfield if that’s the area you want.

Founders Arms is on the River by the Tate Modern by the way.

Oh, by the river sounds nice - now that you mention it, I have a vague memory of attending drinks there once. 

Just thinking about easy access to karaoke afterwards..

At this point all I can say is maybe. I have some subsidised travel back to the UK to use up before the end of the year so could do a cheeky London weekend.


re Karaoke after Founder's Arms - carry the last pint over. 

I think there are couple of decent options near Smithfields - Three Compass being one. 

Defo in

nostalgic old bell vote and k box for me 

Only an 8 min walk from the Old Bell actually. Quite doable. 

There were also some rabid anti-Old Bell peeps in the survey I did though..

Sozzles my plans to get into the UK are in tatters so I doubt I will be there until xmas now.  Drink a few for me though! 

Some have some haven’t. I’ve met most of the people posting on this thread but not all. 

first timers always welcome though! 

Not happy about this. It's the one day that I can't really do. 

I don't think I will get back until Xmas now either :(

Meh come by for one drink at the start or something?

Might not be able to now as I may need to be in Edinburgh that weekend

What’s with the Friday drinking weirdness - people have weekend plans. Thursday would get more people available for a lash-up surely. 

Small whoop @ Fontaine91 Courage mon brave

Johnnie: cos by experience Thursday drinks are usually done by 9pm and never ever ever end in K Box whilst FRIDAAAAAY drinks end early for those who just want to pop in and wave and messily for Karoke and dancing types 

Relatively - yes. Have I broken a long-time convention? 

It's a no from me sadly. Travel plans all messed up by UK's continuing refusal to allow me in.

John - asti's explanation above is spot on. Aim is to for all to get drunk, strip and have an orgy at a crossing in the middle of Central London. 

RCJ is a great venue for that. 

Coffers: There are absolutely no (surviving) photos of me doing any of that...

Truth be told generally yes most stick to the confidentiality agreement that we have all signed up to. John - you must have done that too when you joined rof. If not, do that asap. 

But there was this one time when a leak on rof about something something at a law firm was published in the Evening Standard. 

Even your pic, Asti, of carefully hugging the rails at the RCJ was carried with a slanderous title as a meme for years. 

How do I get my spouse to let me do this?

"Honey, I'm going to the bar to meet randoms on a message board IRL, most of whom hate my guts for being anti-lockdown. I expect to get into fisticuffs with at least 4 of them."

I feel like a hermit these days- it feels harder to organise to see friends (they are all North Londoners and I am South plus are all babied up) plus I haven't been to big drinks since what feels like forever so yeah it feels weird to say so, but I think I may actually be on board to meet a load of randos off the old internet. 


John - historically, ROF drinks have always been on a Friday. I've been to the odd Thursday one (and even odder midweek one) and while the sheer randomness of it has been fun, the numbers that turn up are reliably lower than on Fridays. 

Great to see so many new(ish) posters planning to come. 

Canadian - just tell her you'll be home a bit late as you're out for drinks with lawyers from a bunch of different firms. 

(Heh, I remember meeting Donnie Darko's wife and her going "Oh, do you two know each other from Uni?" and us looking at each other sheepishly going "Err..we used to be in the same book club.."

FYI, forgot to add, I came to ROF drinks once, it was probably 2006 or something. It was perfectly nice as far as I can remember. Let's give it a go 15 or so years later I guess.

On the 13th I may be in the middle of a master cleanse in preparation for the wedding the next week so will get more pissed than usual 

Johnmosesbrowning is correct about Thursday being the best day.

Anyway, so much for the anonymity of RoF. Remarks on RoF could lead to another Roffer leaking news to Roffer and said comments could make the maker notorious, SDT- or BSB-wise.

Can't attend as not in London, and commuting fare can get me a few bottles of reasonable C de R or 2 Bordeaux.

Not keen on London anyway. Is every Roffer based in Gotham (seems like it; stabbing capital of Europe)?


absolutely my favourite super spreader event of the season 

What are the rules on introductions, do you all go by your real names or RoF handles?

you introduce yourself by both your username and, assuming you’re not the kind of bell end who comes to ROF drinks and goes out of his way to suppress his real identity, your real first name

But be wary of people who try and pass themselves off as other Rofers heh  

RF: Bit like getting a verifiction text from your bank its easy to test on the board :)

Will do my best. In theory ok but a lot has to fall neatly into place if I am to be in London on that particular day. 

All results tabulated. Please continue RSVPing over the course of this week and I will book a venue next week. 

how do people feel about the Fence in Farringdon followed by karaoke?

Great (if we can secure a table on the decking with a parasol)

Ooh, yeh, the outside bit is lovely. Apart from the tube thundering past every 2 minutes. (inside not so much).

It is also close to "Venus". In case karaoke lot do not allow us in

Venus has been a gym for years now I’m afraid, Coffers.  

Further bump for more RSVPs

What time do we book karaoke for? 10? Later?

13 so far for Friday the 13th. 

Keep 'em coming

(You can also come on the day if you haven't RSVP'ed - it just helps for planning/booking purposes). 

*bump* Karoake booking confirmed


and yes, way too excited

We'll be there, just ask for Alan or Orla, obvio

Friday bump - now that Asti has booked karaoke, there is no excuse. 

Seriously don’t think a karaoke ‘booking’ will be required in August during a pandemic 

Final RSVP please. Booking later today. 

(you can still come even if you have not RSVPed. It just helps with numbers)

I would come if I hadn’t been such a reprehensible troll on this forum. Would fully expect police to lead me away in handcuffs on the grounds of various hate crimes as soon as I introduced myself.

You don’t have to introduce yourself. I’ve had unsolicited friend requests after Rof drinks from people I didn’t say a word to. 

I wouldn’t worry too much on that score OD.

Sensible folks don’t let words on a screen rile them when it comes to meeting posters in person.

Wot Strutter said. Come anyway. 

What’s the procedure for asking Rof Towers to pony up some cash anyway? This is my first time organising and I haven’t got money out of them before. 

Email the proprietor and ask him to send you some cash.

Ps you should go to the Bishops Finger btw. Good enough for Michael Palin, good enough for Rof. 

I posted this on wrong thread last night:

I’m in!  As long as Kate Bush/Wuthering Heights is reserved for me on the karaoke!