RoF recommends

Ooh look a list! In one sentence...

1. Recommend a book

2. Recommend a TV programme

3. Recommend a film

4. Recommend a restaurant

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill?



1. Hokkaido Highway Blues by Will Ferguson

2. The Good Place

3. Jojo Rabbit/The Parasite

4. None

5. None

1. Recommend a book GHOSTHUNTERS - NEIL SPRING

2. Recommend a TV programme - THE BILL - BEST TV SHOW EVER

3. Recommend a film - GOONIES

4. Recommend a restaurant - THE PIG (U KNOW WHERE)

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill? LINE OUT THROW INS

1. Recommend a book 

invisible women 

2. Recommend a TV programme

schitts creek it is SO good 

3. Recommend a film

The most recent Rambo it is hilarious 

4. Recommend a restaurant

nutmeg in Bristol 

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill?

masterly procrastination 

To Kill a Mockingbird (know most will have read but if you haven't then do it)


The Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Il Bordello in Wapping

Public Speaking



Gladiator (the 1992 one with Cuba Gooding Jr not the Crowe one)

Picasso at the Bellagio

Excellent at new things

1. Recommend a book - any Maigret

2. Recommend a TV programme - Elementary

3. Recommend a film - Hunt for the Wilderpeople

4. Recommend a restaurant - nandos

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill? taking my pyjamas off whilst asleep

1.) A Confederacy of Dunces - John Kennedy Toole

2.) Succession (the theme tune alone will stay in your head for days)

3.) Midsommar (like the wicker man but with CREEPY SWEEEEDES)

4.) Sorella 

5.) I can dice an onion veeeeeery quickly without looking at my hands.

1. The Moment by Douglas Kennedy. Read several times, just love it

2. Succession. I have the theme tune as my phone ring

3. Rocketman. Made me feel happy

4. Cafe Monico. Like the ambience and that it's always fairly empty

5. Knitting things without a pattern. Just finished a porg.

1. Recommend a book- Life of Pi by Yann Martel

2. Recommend a TV programme- The Goldbergs (esp if you’re an 80s child)

3. Recommend a film- 6 Underground (Michael Bay-tastic)

4. Recommend a restaurant- Angler, Liverpool St

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill? -Fountain of useless information (great for pub quizzes)

                                                                             -Giving foot massages

1. Different Seasons - Stephen King

2. The Dectorists

3. Wet Hot American Summer

4. Graze in Brighton

5. Efficiency

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill?

either being able to lick my nose with my tongue or registering off the scale with the lung capacity machines.


Surely ‘climb up any Velcro coated surface without the assistance of ropes or other external assistance’?

The Mapp and Lucia series. Always makes me laugh.

The Sweeney.

The Dambusters. I love the music, the dog, all of it.

Don't like eating out.

My willingness to see the best in people.

1. The 100 yr old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared. (Jonas Jonasson)

2. The Witcher.

3. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.

4. Jamaica Patties (sucker for curried goat)

5. I can drive 350 yrds, so a good scramble partner.

1. Recommend a book - Berta Isla

2. Recommend a TV programme - The Night Of (sky)

3. Recommend a film - Cool Hand Luke

4. Recommend a restaurant - Chez Bruce

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill? - I fix stuff. 

1. Recommend a book - Paxman's writings. Witty and factual. Start with "the english"

2. Recommend a TV programme - Poirot / NCIS / Family Guy

3. Recommend a film - Planes, trains und automobiles

4. Recommend a restaurant - McD's - their McChicken / Cheese burger / apple pie tastes perfect for that late night peckish moment

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill? - listening

1. Slaughterhouse 5

2. samurai champloo (esp if you like Ghibli!)

3. The Master

4. There was a curry house dad and I used to go to when we were both in London, in Pimlico. There. Forgot the name though but the staff were very nice so loads of regulars we’d see.

5. Either Chinese poetry translation or swimming long distances

1. Recommend a book - A thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet

2. Recommend a TV programme - Only Connect

3. Recommend a film - Molly's Game

4. Recommend a restaurant - Good Earth

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill? - Quizzing

Heh @ Wang and the Bill

i watch an episode a night. Am mid way through series 20!

No, wait, I want to recommend The Baroque Cycle by Neil Stephenson. Three utterly amazing books. 

(Diamond Age is pretty good too though)

1. Recommend a book - The Thread by Victoria Hislop

2. Recommend a TV programme - The great pottery throw down

3. Recommend a film - anything by Bertolucci. I'm currently into China/Japan so rewatched The last Emperor. Also recommend Novecento/1900 which is very grim but very worth it.

4. Recommend a restaurant - La Trompette in Chiswick.

5. Recommend yourself - what's your best skill? - I'm a good listener and giver of advice/support.

Book - Wild Swans

Tv - Judge Judy

Film - Jean de Florette/ Manon

Restaurant - look no further than McDonald's/ Kfc these days

Special skill - putting people at ease