ROF petrol/finance hedz

It used to be the conventional wisdom that if you turned up a car dealer with a pocketful of readies you could get a better deal. Is that still the case, or do dealers now get so much more from the finance companies that they would prefer you to buy through those loan companies?

I dont think you get many deals from car dealers at all these days.  It is so easy to research the lowest price for any car the sticker price has to reflect that or nobody will even turn up.

Put the "readies" in your bank account, take the PCP with "deposit contribution" from whichever dealer comes in cheapest on e.g. Car Wow. Wait for car, pay off PCP two weeks after receiving it. Dealers make FA on cars now. 

TBH with some offers at the moment you are better off taking the finance discount, keeping the finance and e.g. putting the money in a Barclays rainy day saver.