RoF heavy metal heads - NZ style

Artoo, Mr Bungle etc (sorry, not kept up with username changes) have you heard these guys yet?

Alien Weaponry - off their album Tu

Courtesy of Boykl who recommends listening via a decent subwoofer

I know. I was just being truculent for the sake of it.

Hope all is well


All's well here thanks. Just got home from Friday night drinks smiley

I think you’ve made a serious error of judgement there, ML. That type of behaviour will never catch on on RoF.

heh, fair point Stix. I'll stick to the boobs and political chat

Alien Weaponry are very very good. I saw them live last month sand they were incredible. 

I think the average age of the band is about 16. 


The brothers are around 19 and 17 now. Not sure about the third guy, but he's pretty young too. The bothers started the band in 2010 - just kids!

They toured Australia earlier this year, before Boykl became aware of them. 


That looks like a 'We're from New Zealand' with wild costumes home video.

Simple chords, erm.. not going challenge Led Zep anytime soon

heh Cambo, with your taste in music this a huge plus for the band, 


I could reach for a guitar and play that right now Wibble. If I could be bothered