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Recommend me some noise cancelling headphones (over the ear) that work but that also fold up as small as possible for travel. I recently bought some Sony ones (the name is a memorable onslaught of letters and numbers in that Japanese way...) which are awesome noise cancelling but they don't fold (I confess I realised this too late) and so really impractical for travel.

Flexible on cost within but not stupidly expensive for the sake of it ideally and preferably not beats as I don't like the bass heavy sound. Ta. 

I've been using Bose QC35 for a few years. They are excellent and fold. I understand they are now on to QC45 which I have not used.

You can still get the Sony XM4 everywhere - the noise cancelling is just as good as the XM5 but they fold up. 

Seconded for QC35s.  I've had mine for ages.  Tried a mate's QC45s and wouldn't spend the extra if I were you.

I've had the last two generations of AirPods and r8 them, but for air and rail travel nothing beats the QX35 for noise cancelling and so comfort.

For travel I definitely prefer over ear to in ear buds. depending on the fit of the buds they can make the pressure changes when flying even more annoying.

Bose QCs.  Never tried any others, but I am happy with the two pairs I have.  The pads are easily and economically repairable if they get a bit tired.

Yeah I think I am going to see if I can pick up a pair of QC35s for reasonable money. I don't really like Bose as a brand due to a little bit of audiophile snobbery about their hifi kit and the general middle agedness of it all but they do seem to be the best for this stuff. 

I can't do in ear buds for air travel. There is something comforting about putting on the over ear cans to block out the world and then drifting off to sleep. 

If you don't like bloated base you fooked up big time buying Sony over-ears.

If you must have folding over-ears, Bose QC-45 are the right choice.  Comfortable, neutral sound, great noise cancelling.

Why not AirPods Pro 2nd gen though?  Adaptive EQ is a real game changer.

If you can bear the thought of spending less than 3 figures (I know, the shame!) on an item, Soundcore are really good - I have a pair of the Soundcore Q30, which retail for the almighty sum of 80 quid, and they are excellent, check out the reviews (I never spend money on tech, because of break everthing - case in point, I somehow managed to drop my Soundcore so many times, one ear broke off, and dangles by the wire : I think they lasted me less than a year).

They have a higher spec version, at around 145 quid - perhaps you can alleviate the embarrassment by telling people you are buying them for your maid's maid's kid... smiley

I've just replaced them with the Sony XM4, only had them a day, and I haven't tried the noise cancelling yet, but yeah, they look a bit nicer and reviews say that their app is really good (which is one of the areas in which the Soundcore headphones are, apparently, lacking), but so far, I'm not really clear what the extra 150 quid has bought me.

Do they fold Cru? The sound core ones? That is my main criteria tbh as cabin bag space is at a premium usually when I travel.

My maid’s (grown up) kid will actually be getting my Sony ones once I find some fold up ones I like. 

Yep, all the models fold.

I found them really comfortable, and the noise cancelling is excellent - according to the reviews, punching above its weight for the price.  And they look okay too, well made - considering how many times I managed to drop them, they lasted for a lot longer than I deserved!

Ok you have convinced me Cru. If I get asked to leave the emirates lounge for lowering the tone I shall be blaming you😉

Sony WX1000s or whatever fold. I found them quite ear sucky though and their app is v irritating. TBH I can't be arsed with my bigger ones now as Airpod Pros are good enough plus top notch interface with apple products if you happen to own them. 

The xm4 fold it seems. The newer xm5s which I (foolishly it seems) purchased do not.  I guess I could buy the xm4s but to be honest I am not that impressed with the xm5s so far so I am going to go for Cru's cheapo option. 

I must be too brutal cos I gave up on folding over ear headphones (they never lasted more than a year before falling apart)

I use B&O, they don’t fold but they’re tough and work extremely well 

I’m like the river fisherman of eBay 

if you wait a good catch will come along 

but yeah money buys noticeably better kit

I've had and currently have B&O equipment, so am a fan overall.  But I don't think the headphones are worth it.  Ultimately they are a consumable, unlike the main audio stuff which was - and in some cases still is - built to last decades.

what do you mean by folding tho.  The earcups pivot to fold flat.  Sennheiser Momentum3 (discontinued) fold "more".

I mean more than the cups folding flat. Enough that they fit in a small case. Like the Bose do (or ideally like the Beats Studio 3 do). 

Tbh I don’t really care about the sound quality with the noise canceling off. I have fancy headphones and a chord mojo for home listening. What I care about is what they sound like on a noisy plane or train and how easy they are to get in my bag. 

prefer my mojo and passive (bung block) shure se535 on long haul.  Find noise cancelling too oppressive (inner ear pressure, particularly on bose).  

I have had my Sony over the ear head cancelling ear phones for about 20 years now.  They don't fold but they work amazingly and are so comfortable.  Think tha tthey were about £100 in 2002

Yes face man but they make me think of adverts in readers digest and look like they would match well with elasticated slacks also purchased from an advertisement in that esteemed periodical. 





I got some srythm ones off Amazon for about £30 and they were awesome. Combined with an Airfly for in flight wireless and you're on to a winner.

Worth nothing that they did struggle to stay charged with two consecutive long haul flights.