ROF Football Hedz

As someone who knows very little about football (beyond that I am very bad at it and that it's not as entertaining as rugby to watch) should I be supporting the Lionesses and watching them play tomorow or will I be disappointed at a sub-National League level of quality?

I tried to watch it.  It isn't very good.  I'd say it's comparable to League Two or the National League, and I never watch them having been spoiled by watching La Liga, the PL and Serie A.

If you're after watching a developing sport as it gets better, go for it.  If you want to watch a standard of football above League Two, don't.

Havent watched any yet (didnt really notice it was on and Eng were doing well until I read the sunday times sport yest). 

Hope they win, know in heart as an england fan they wont.  

Too worried about the criggit tbh

It is not too bad. Lacks the natural aggression of the men's game and the goal keeping suffers due to the smaller players but its quite good from a technical perspective.

No idea. Footballed out. Need a break before it all starts again. 

From what I've heard, we'll lose anyway. USA prob best team in the world. 

not as entertaining as rugby to watch

Uber heh at this.

In the running for the "Biggest Load of Shite Spouted on RoF" award 2019

Assume welly has only watched newcastle falcons "play"

Not my team but there’s a few Chelsea players in it so I do watch it from time to time. Standard isn’t great, league 2 at best, but why not watch if it’s your country?  Worth a laugh innit.

That's "Wrong 'un" ticked against Wellers on the ROF spreadsheet.

the goal keeping suffers 

they should have men goalies for a transition period or have smaller goals.  The goalkeeping really is the very weakest spot in the current game.  It spoils a game when most of the goals would have been saved by a sunday league quality male goalie.

It is absolutely nowhere near league 2 level.  Have you ever seen a league 2 player in real life or played against anyone of that standard?  It's almost impossible to fathom how good they are.  League 2 players are all professional.

Any English uni first team would absolutely batter the best women's team in the world.

Similarly to how the lowliest male tour pro would probably beat Serena without losing a game.

Comparisons between the sexes are silly, enjoy them both on their merits.  Womens football is quite enjoyable largely because they don't all act like such total f*cking [email protected].

It is absolutely nowhere near league 2 level.  Have you ever seen a league 2 player in real life or played against anyone of that standard?

I've played with two Premier League players and against two.  And I played for my Uni first team, which played against Crewe with a team with Dean Ashton in it.

And OK, maybe I was being kind.  Maybe National League.  I don't think our Uni 1st team would have beaten the women's USA side.  Then again we weren't that great.

Cameroon women weren't that nice to be fair, but I take your point.  I like lots of other womens' sport, and I think I like their tennis more sometimes, but women's football seems so far off it doesn't do it for me, Clive.

How was it playing against PL players?  I once played against a host of retired Derby County players captained by Taribo West and it was excruciating.  I also played against the Ajax u-13 side with my u-18 county team and lost 16-0, though they stopped trying after about 8 or 9.

Playing against them was awful.  Crewe and Alsager Sports College beat our Uni 16-0.  As you say, totally different level.

I played WITH two PL players at school - one of whom made his Boro debut while still at school (youngest ever PL player at that time) and one of whom played for England at centre back.  Made my job as goalie a bit easy.  We used to batter everyone.

Do you think 16-0 is like a code.  When they get to 6 they all wink at each other and go for 16 and stop?

I've watched a few games, its ok.

Wait until the rugby World Cup comes on later in the year Wellers.

That will generate more noise, certainly on here.

It’s a different game, for sure, but certain female teams in the uk are entirely pro now - same training facilities as the men at Man City and Chelsea.  They’re better than your incel view says I’m afraid threepwood.