ROF Fatties

How are you doing?


I seem to be storing fat for winter, I am up over 11st again

I'm doing really well. How are you? Weightwise: not so well since we started tasting all the different Xmas foods in M&S and the mac&cheese stacks wrapped in bacon were found to be delish.

ooh, we're munching our way through the waitrose assortment too, but we've started doing that straight after we arrived ;-) We particularly enjoy the cheese....


also storing fat for winter, can't seem to stop eating. Have just bought an M&S turkey feast en croute for dinner

trying to up level of exercise to compensate but it's hard when it's dark and wet out



Epoisses, proper creamy Gorgonzola, Vacherin Mont D'Or, Montgomery cheddar, proper goats cheese from the French alps...*drools all over desk*

Last weigh in about a month ago and I was at the sort of compromise weight I got to after my power diet earlier this year. I meant to start being good again between then and Christmas but I just haven't had the time or the motivation to be bothered. I am also eating ALL the food.

January I'm going to get back on it properly, healthy diet and exercise. Not too calorie county, just lots of lean protein and veggies.

Very lean but slighty neon yellow coloured turkey due to it being raised on extremely organic corn and generally having been such a happy turkey before it got slaughtered. Very healthy.