Rof diets and Exercise

Roffers who've been losing weight / getting in shape. What kind of calories intake do you have on a daily / weekly basis and what kind of exercise regimen have you used?

7000 calories a day. I fuck like a freight train. A sexy freight train. 

No booze 

low carb

intermittent fasting 

about 1500 to 1700 calories per day (haven't been tracking precisely)


^ What Linda does except I have a bit of booze and I am very low carb, mod protein, high fat once a day eating

Haven't been counting calories.

Up until the gyms open just doing 10,000 steps walking and some dumbells at home - now gyms back so I'm full on cardio and weights 

Down about 6 lbs from height of lockdown but only down 2 from start of lockdown

I’ve lost 2st in lockdown following Intermittent fasting (usually 18:6 or 20:4), Keto (20g net carbs), average about 1600-1800 a day, try to do 30 mins exercise, but usually get stuck at my desk busy 8-7 with no lunch break so depends if I can then be arsed.  IF can be a game changer for weight loss. 

To maintain my weight


I have about 1,500 calories a day but most of this comes from coke and sugar rather than actual food and meals

I run long distances slowly 

I swim long distances slowly



Depends what you want to achieve and time frame and where you are now. To start with you need some basic data. 

If you actually want to track then work out your BMR

Then use the Harris Benedict equation to work out daily calorie requirements

Generally you want to adjust so you’re getting around a 500 calorie deficit a day from food, a further deficit from exercise and NEAT (non exercise moving more). Endure you’re getting enough protein in and adjust fats/carbs around the desired calorie target (don’t go too low on essential healthy fats tho).


  • What I found living in a hot country is that breakfast is otiose. 
  • A 2NC from Bux gets me to lunch. 
  • Lunch and dinner are big and healthy. 
  • I exercise daily subject to interruptions. 
  • I seem to be in better shape than 95 if not 98% of my peers. 
  • I never diet or indulge in fad balls. 

No booze 

low carb

intermittent fasting 

That explains everything

No idea calorie wise but have cut out pizza, burgers and chips.  The key has been two walks a day of 2 to 3k and some times rather further which culminate in speed walking up a decent size hill.  Also spent furlough doing a reasonable amount of physical labour in the garden.

@OP while what others are doing is possibly interesting and might give you ideas, the key thing is to find a way of eating that works for YOU. And exercise that YOU enjoy doing. 
That way you’ll be in with a chance on the 2 greatest keys to success: consistency and patience. 

The problem with that is that what I enjoy is pizza and wine and not exercising at all 

eating and drinking what I like, going for longish walk a few times a week.

Have put on over  stone since March - this regime doesn't work too good.


Not counting calories but have gone 99% meat free over lockdown. Really just as an experiment to see if I could Do it, but have found I like it and it makes me eat less/more healthily almost by default. 

Run about 30 miles a week, and over the last month have been doing a YouTube yoga thing every morning which has been absolutely transformative. I can actually move my shoulders properly for the first time in living memory, and my running pace has increased by about 15% almost immediately. 

3 to 4 miles walked per day, 30 - 60mins of some form of cardio or weightlifting (alt days between the two), 1500 cal per day food (tracked and following macros). I should mention re cals that I am female and a midget. 

Re alcohol, I did the first 90 days sans booze, now limiting to weekends only. But even that seems pointless as I am not going out and Mr GHF is tee total. But I love red wine and gin (not together) and quite frankly, life is fvcking tedious enough as it is. 

The classic OB diet - when I put on a few lbs I switch out my breakfast for 2 boiled eggs and it always works 

currently also not eating evening chocolate

ive lost 7lbs since peak lockdown bloat 

I do yoga (hot or online) 3x per week but don’t really count that as exercise as it is just part of my wellbeing (namaste)

Pancakes - I grew up in a vegetarian household and can easily go veggie when I want but it's really hard to get enough protein on a veggie diet (and even harder on vegan). 

Yes, I know it is *possible* but just a lot harder and more faff. 

I know competitive female powerlifter who is veggie and she seems to empty the supermarket's lentils and eggs stock regularly to get enough protein. 

We eat a lot of veggie and vegan food and tbh I don't even think about it - today's menu is likely to be veggie and I won't miss the meat 

No calorie counting but cut down on carbs, booze and sugar.  Do about 2 - 3 weights and 2 -3 cardio sessions a week, plus walk a mile or 2 a day.  Plus stretches twice a week.

Lockdown high - 15st8.  Now - 15st1.  Never managed to get into the 14s for more than a day or two...

Got up to 16st8 last year when I injured my ankle and was hobbling for 6 months, which spurred me on to stay a bit lighter.

No calorie counting

Intermittent fasting for 24 hours three times a week. Eat what the fuck I want the rest of the time. I'm virtually the lightest I've been over lockdown so I'm losing some weigh but not a huge amount because KFC and chocolate and pizza. But still, not bad from my perspective.

There was some running in there but it's gone off the boil since I destroyed my calves with some resistance work. Maybe I'll go again in the morning now they've stopped complaining...

I've reached the stage where I'm a bit nervous about too much weight loss now as, so far, I have maintained the lady lumps and another half a stone may move into dangerous territory.

I’m impressed with anyone that can do intermittent fasting while working from home. 

It’s not so bad when you’re going to the office and are generally out and about, but when I’m just sitting in my house all day it’s impossible not to graze. 

Luckily my home office is a good 50m from the fridge and biscuit cupboard so on a wet day it totally removes the temptation.  I also graze more in the office where I can stroll to the basement cafe and just buy unhealthy stuff with a swipe of my security pass rather than having to get in the car and drive to a shop.

I've lost 34 pounds, but I put back on 11 so I'm starting again.  I have what I think is about 1400 calories but I do about 3 hours physical activity.  mainly stuff around the smallholding and dog walking.  I've actually bought a set of zumba CD's so I'm gunna try that tonight.

I'm not buying chocolate or crisps because lockdown has made eating these worse when they are around.  I am also going to cut down on bread, when you live alone toasty loveliness is so easy.

I've found myself going to old favourites, lots of home made soup, jacket spuds and beans/chilli on toast.

One thing I have discovered I like is quorn chilli made with baked beans.  It's lush.

For me food choices are limited to the allotment (which is overflowing and most of which is going to the food bank) and emptying the big freezer prior to the October cull.  I'm probably about as atypical of rof as is possible generally.

I don't feel hungry until 12 because I've been on the go for a couple of hours before I start work.

I have a small glass of wine in the evening and I've resisted that lowering my resolve with a "lets find something sweet" so far.

I put on a stone over lockdown - have lost half a stone in last month by doing a weights based bootcamp 3 x a week and cutting out junk food, ie crisps, magnums  and cake etc. 

I  have another half stone to go and if possible a stone. I was so depressed seeing my weight rise when I began exercising but it’s suddenly dropped. 

it’s amazing how fitness returns. At the beginning of bootcamp I could barely do half a minute doing a squat sit against the wall. Yesterday could do two mins with a 8kg weight. 

i have a long way to go before I like my body again but am feeling so happy I’m starting to see results. 




Being in ketosis makes it very easy to intermittent fast because you don't get hunger pangs or blood sugar spikes and the accompanying headaches and dozy afternoons.

But when I was in Venice I was eating carbs all the time (I have a great fondness for proper pasta and cannoli) - and still managed to eat one meal a day without much fuss. I think over time whether keto or not, your body can adapt to eating once a day and intermittent fasting.

My body functions so much better on low carb (note, I have massive amounts of veg and berries in my one meal - every day a salad and either cauliflower/broccoli/asparagus/sprouts and berries for dessert to get my 5 a day). I feel a bit gross when I eat simple carbs now, and wheat causes a lot of digestive problems even if I hate people who say they're gluten intolerant or whatever. 


agree with pancakes that far easier to avoid eating in the office than WFH - helps that I have no sweet tooth so the cake like snacks on offer at work have no  interest for me but the cheeses etc than inhabit my fridge are far more tempting.   Each shopping trip resolve to only buy basic cheddar and parmesan for cooking but each time come back with an array of cheesy goodness.

Lost 15 lbs from peak lockdown lardy.

About 1700 cals a day, 3-4 km walks 4+ times a week plus some gentle garden work. Carbs, protein and fat probably roughly equal over time but trying to avoid some types of fat and keep it to 25% of diet, with protein/carbs absorbing the rest

No ale :(

A can of craft lager here or there.

Wine (modest) only at weekends.

G&diet tonic maybe one or 2 nights



I'll upset you all by saying I've consistently lost weight over lockdown although the last bit may now just be some muscle wastage as I haven't been particularly active since I've gone back to working from home.

I graze more in the office

my colleagues are feeders and there is constantly cake/biscuits/something going as someone is pregnant/engaged/celebrating the end of a horrible case 

and there is a canteen downstairs with yummy (fatty) food - the cook is an absolute unit of a man who knows how to bake 

at home (especially during lockdown) if we didnt buy it in the supermarket then there is nothing bad to graze on 

“Being in ketosis makes it very easy to intermittent fast because you don't get hunger pangs or blood sugar spikes”

^^This - plus after a while in ketosis you become fat adapted, which then makes OMAD a doddle. My system functions so much better on low carb, the focus is great.  

Like Canadian I eat lots of veg (broccoli, mushrooms, cauli, salads) and I use berries, which keeps me in ketosis.  Also knock up my own Keto ice cream with erythritol in my churner so if the mood takes for something sweet I still don’t screw up.  Also helps that my home office is far from the fridge downstairs....

I started losing some weight before lockdown. I got down to about 10 and a half stone (which the weight of my 3 sons who are much taller but they are fit and slim and not nearly 60)...... I think I put on about 2 pounds since. I should probably get back into it but we seem to be hotel central here with the twins' friends (one just arrived for 3 weeks bearing chocolates for me) and their brother was round yesterday and they baked a chocolate cake for him.


When I was losing the weight I was doing my usual low carbs, lots of meat, fish and eggs and veg, no breakfast unless a cocoa with cream, eating as late as I can but as I say to the twins I am not the example to follow as i don't tend to stick to it all very well.


I am a paleo/keto/intermittent fasting fan i.e. how humans or their ancestors ate for about 1m years so tends to be normal nice and natural and works.

Mind you we have a courgette glut in the garden and fridge at the moment despite my eating them every day almost so that's not gone well in one sense.....

Intermittent fasting (minimum 16:8 and occasional OMAD now that I’m back in the office). Eat and drink whatever I want. Walk and cycle but nothing strenuous. 9 months in, 14kg lost - totally works for me. 

I've inadvertently been doing 16:8 for years but can safely say it doesn't work if in the 8 hours you polish off a mayo laden bacon, chicken and sweetcorn bap with a bag of crisps for lunch and say pizza and a little salami snack in the evening.

Most of this is just eat less move more dressed up a bit isn’t it? Very little in the way of how to make that bearable if you need to shift some timber. Classic rof 

Totes, the question was what had people been doing, it wasn't answering a request for help.  All weightloss is a calorie deficit but how to achieve that when people's relationship with food IS complex, and core habits are hard to change, is something that each person works through.

For me, I am finding I need to build in some treats at night, and alcohol weakens my resolve.

I'm aiming for weightloss but also fitness improvement so I''m doing a lot of walking.

My tastebuds have changed, whilst fruit is on the top end of sweet for me, yum yums (my go to treat) are now way too sweet and I've given the three in the freezer to the dogs as a morning treat.

“All weightloss is a calorie deficit but how to achieve that when people's relationship with food IS complex, and core habits are hard to change, is something that each person works through.”

The Bloata’s Charter

Really?  Just insults?  Is that all you want to do?

I'm fat, I'm trying to get thinner.  That makes me a bloata, but that isn't all that I am.  Like most people I have strengths and weaknesses, that's one of my weaknesses and I'm working on it.

There's nothing untrue in my statement though.  The amount of people who want to lose weight is shown by the viability of so many weightloss businesses and products, the success rate for doing so.... is shown by the viability of so many weightloss businesses and products.


Piss off totes. A fair few folks are making an effort and good for them. Just dissing that isn’t helpful. 

Either offer up something useful or shut up. Merely sniping just makes you look like a sad angry fuck. 

- I run 5-8k once a week, at a good pace

- Other than skipping breakfast 3-4 times a week, I eat a healthy and balanced diet compared to most people

- I have a high metabolism

Eat whatever, do that there Les Mills On Demand thing four/five times a week with the mrs. Brutal. 

Cheers everyone. Interesting responses / regimes everyone is using.

Intermittent Fasting is very popular here, which is neat to read. Apparently fasting has a ton of unexpected benefits besides weight loss too.

Totes isn't wrong though, as long as you're creating a sustained calorie deficit you'll lose weight. It is a lot easier to get that deficit through eating less than by moving more. 30 minutes on a treadmill is like a chocolate bar in calories. Much easier to skip the bar than run 30 minutes.

Problem for me is I absolutely hate and fear hunger pangs. Some primal instinct kicks in when my body tells me I'm hungry that it is time to eat, and ignoring that is very, very difficult. Usually I'd have to at least drink water or tea to quiet that down. Keto helps me a lot because it gets rid of the pangs altogether. I reckon on proper keto I could do a 48 hour fast without much effort.

PS well done Dogwarden!