RoF cyclists`

What do you do with your old tires? I have a pair with considerable cracks on the side walls around the rims that I need to replace. Seems wasteful in this day and age to just chuck them in a bin or set fire to them. 

Depends how bad they are, I rarely let them get to the level you describe as road or trail tyres, when they got a bit older and I noticed it I’d keep them for indoor use on the turbo.  

When they got too bad for that I used to take them to be recycled at whatever LBS I bought the new ones from.  That said, I used Gatorskins almost constantly on my roadie so it wasn’t that common an occurrence.

Generally cut them up and use them (as and when) to act as bump/scuff guards on stuff (mostly diving equipment).  Mountain bike tyres better for that, but road bike ones are ok too. 


I also occasionally recondition them so that they are spelled correctly with a "y"...

I glue them all together until I form a giant Michelin man, at which point I dine for free at all the best restaurants around town. 

Bananaman, glue them all together and Boris can swing from them in future (hopefully very few) Cabinet meetings.

???, if you're going to set fire to them, please put some around BJ's and Farridge's neck first.

I generally just stick mine in the household recycling. 


That may not be the right thing to do, but the fellows who do the roadside collection, and who operate with the pickiness of highly-trained materials scientists, have never raised an issue.