RoF cooks - anyone got a decent recipe for seafood risotto?

Yes, I know it's not the ideal meal for this weather, but I have some prawns and scallops and insanely expensive fish stock that I need to use up.  Oh, and if possible, nothing complicated, or that depends on cream. Thanks!

make basic risotto with the fish stock, 

Flash fry the prawns and scollops in loads of butter - pour over the top and serve. 

Yes, panda, that's why I asked for one.  Thanks for your input, as always.

I would fry an onion first until softened (use mix of butter and olive oil). Then add risotto rice, continue to fry for a minute and then add the stock slowly until the rice is cooked. Then bung in the seafood and some garlic near the end until cooked. Add loads of fresh parsley. Melt a blob of butter at the end for extra richness.

You've got to keep stirring as you continually add stock. Wait for the stock to be absorbed and then add some more. It takes about 15-20 mins of continuous stirring, so a bit of a faff.

"Then bung in the seafood and some garlic near the end until cooked. "


so you have boiled scollops? 



Ah, goose, that sounds manageable, aside from sort of what wibble said.  I guess I could just sear the seafood first, and then add them in later.

I don't know why, but I've always been under the impression that risotto was hellishly complicated, but apparently not!

Yeah definitely do not cook the seafood in the risotto ffs!  Cook the seafood separately.  Otherwise keep it as simple as you can with those ingredients.

risotto is super simple but you have to watch it (and stir it) all the way through it cooking and get it on the plate asap once cooked (particularly seafood risotto).


Much as it pains me to admit it, as it goes against my inner cheapskate, the stupidly expensive fish stock is worth it, I'm really looking forward to the risotto (even if it is 100 degrees outside).

Cooking the prawns in the risotto is fine. Not a fan of scallops so never have them. I will defer to wibble on that one. 

Nigella cooks the rice in a bit of white wine after frying it in oil but before adding the stock. works wonders.

Will I have to wear an unfeasibly low cut top, and pout suggestively at the prawns as I cook them?

I would start with v finely diced onion and celery and carrot if I had them, cook slowly in oil and butter, then add the rice (vialone nero for seafood if we are doing Supes style pedantry) and fry for a bit, then white wine, then hot stock a ladle at a time until absorbed, finish with butter. No cheese. I would happily cook the prawns in at the end but what wibble said re the scallops. 

Yeah in terms of an actual recipe...

Gently fry 3 garlic cloves (in their skins) in a little olive oil then remove and set aside.

Chop a good handful of parsley and set aside.

Fry the rice gently in the oil with a little salt added.

Gently warm your stock in a separate pan on the hob.

Turn the heat up on the risotto, de-glaze with half a glass of white wine and cook until the wine reduces by half. 

Turn the risotto down so it just about splutters if you don't stir it.

Add the stock a ladle full at a time stirring gently all the time as you do so.  Cook until rice is cooked (maybe 20 mins, a minute or two less if you like Italian levels of al dente).

sear the seafood in a separate pan in a little butter. I would cut the scallops in half personally.

Squish the garlic out of its skin and stir through the risotto with the parsley and a good sqeeze of lemon juice. Add salt and pepper to taste.  Serve in warm bowls right that minute.  Broad leaf salad on the side with a sharp mustard and lemon dressing.  Bottle of Villa Antinori Toscana to go with it (at least Chez Donny)


This Jamie Oliver prawn and pea with mint and basil is nice:


That sounds great, merkz, apart from the abomination that are celery and (cooked) carrots.

If you don't like celery and carrots you may as well not eat tbh

Agree with no cheese - many recipes call for it but too rich in seafood risotto imo

CC - you are a marvel, thank you!

Wang - I expected better of you.  *shakes head sadly* Celery is wrong, raw carrots are lovely, cooked carrots are not.

tbf they should be so finely diced and cooked down that you don’t really notice them, but you could also just miss them out

Well that's yet another reason you can't be in my dinner party bubble crusty.  Even with your wabs flopping out and your pouting at prawns.

Noooooo!!!!  Okay, how about if allow for the carrots, and pout at all the other foodstuffs?

I do try Cru.

PS - Definitely no cheese! No bloody cream either. It should be a gentle fishy richness cut through by the parsley and lemon not a dairy heaviness. The butter you use to cook the seafood will be enough richness.


I would add a chopped up smoked peppered mackerel.

sea food risotto is one of my favorites and everything everyone said above. It’s easy quick and double yum

yeah what madders said re finishing off with parsley and a squeeze of lemon


Now I'm thoroughly annoyed that Madders always insisted on meeting me in the finest restuarants the sand pit had to offer... other than his own bloody kitchen.


"I would add a chopped up smoked peppered mackerel."

WTF?  This would massively overpower the scallops and prawns.

will happily cook for you next time you are in town Scylla! I guess that might be a while tho…

Scy, Mrs Maddo sounds mad as a box of prawns so I can quite understand that the leeky beanpole found it hard to explain why a person of your description was coming to dinner in skin tight leather troos


this is all about the stock. Are the prawns whole? If so you need the heads.

a good stock for seafood risotto:

fish stock, fennel or fennel top, celery, saffron, prawn heads

simmer 15 mins and strain

or see the hairy bikers ultimate fish pie recipe, it has superb stock recipe in it ( starts with fish stock, which you already have).

Minkie - thank you!

And yes, the fish stock (which really is marvellous, I got it from a fish place in what, I discovered when I got there, must be a millionaire's row, I'd forgotten what that was like!) seems to make all the difference.

Just made it, mostly using Donny's recipe - it is blooming delicious (although lord knows, this is NOT the weather for cooking) - thanks all!

Wang this may come as a surprise... but I didn’t  generally wear leather trousers in the desert. They are a bit hot. 

In any case, as far as I am aware, Mrs Madders always referred to me as ‘that internet floozy’ in any case.



For fish/seafood based risotto, I would usually do the Anna Del Conte lemon risotto recipe as the base - see and then lob in some pan fried fish and sea food at the end. If you're going more decadently bisquey then you could do worse than employ a jar of decent pre-made French fish soup as the base for the stock and maybe a swig of brandy and some cream.

Ah, thanks for that - I will try that when I'm feeling like having something a bit more luxurious...

I do wonder why I had the impression that risotto was hellishly complicated to make, though!

I think its a bit like souffle cru, people making a song and dance...

Italians v particular about risotto, I like mine but I bet they wouldn't

Eg using only button mushrooms in mushroom and white pepper only. So it looks pristine.

Smoked haddock risotto for example is v English but delicious. Use haddock cooking water for the stock and more wine than normal

 Add mustard, chives and parmesan to finish - an Italian migjt be shocked at that! But is delicious.




Honestly Cru it is GORGEOUS.  I demand you report back.

is dead easy. Poach the haddock in water, save the water, make a normal ris with water stock and then bung everything in at the end.


is dead easy. Poach the haddock in water, save the water, make a normal ris with water stock and then bung everything in at the end.


is dead easy. Poach the haddock in water, save the water, make a normal ris with water stock and then bung everything in at the end.