Robert F. Kennedy

Yeah, it’s not safe all right. It’s not safe for you to see the data. It's not safe for you to have your own thoughts. It's not safe for you to question authority. It's not safe to criticize the oligarchs who are crushing your freedoms and taking your money. Not safe for them, anyway

This lad is running for President next year. Will he get there making enemies like these?…

i’ve got 2 😂 at rightwhingers pretending they r oppressed and praising standing up 2 authority, when they have cheered their lot holding all the instruments of power 4 the last decade and they have attempted systematically 2 quash all dissent from ppl who oppose their rightwhinge agenda

they will simply deny reality eh

If he, as is likely, fails to win the Dems nomination, he'd probably run as an independent and, by doing so, by default put Chump or De Sanctimonious in the WH.

As a Catholic he'd be happy with GOP's anti-abortion and anti-vax stances. He might even accept an offer to be Health Secretary.

America today... Trump or de Santis on the right... with this cvnt as 2nd favourite on the "left"....

Almost as bad as the UK.

in the uk’s defence, this is worse. the tozzas r on a par with trump v de santis, but since we managed 2 bin corbyn as an option current lab is better than the democrat options

“Showing a massive lack of IQ and a lot of ego will keep him out of the oval office ”

er yeah that’s borne out by the evidence 

All he's saying is we all massively overreacted over Covid. Hardly controversial. No fan of the Kennedys, bug this guy seems sound.