Is Rishi our next PM?
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unless the vehemently anti immigration Tory shires are a lot more progressive than I give them credit for, no

All Rishi has to do at the moment is open the cookie jar to the extent that he can broker a deal with the Treasury that accommodates the instructions of Otto von Jizzmark.

When it turns out that his free munny yesterday is nowhere near enough, he’ll do it again.

It’s when the economy remains fucked and the Tory awkward squad start fretting about public spending and benefits scroungers that he begins to struggle.

When (not if) Bozomandias goes, he will be very lucky to escape the fall-out having facilitated it. And he doesn’t really have the time (or the power given the forced submission to No10) to build up a patronage network that would realistically give him a shout.

Not that sure this bunch will go 4 years, but they’ll probably keep it together until Jan 2021, maybe a bit longer if they get a “deal”. 


He's that trainee that was great at looking busy and talking to partners and clients but ultimately crap at actual work.


Bit like me really 

When Boris goes, he will take everyone with him.

Because he is a cunt.

BoJo will get jealous. Anyway when we have 4 million unemployed and taxes going up later in year Rishi will not be so a popular boy. Was amused on Radio 4 this morning when they asked him about 'brand Rishi' the soft focus photos in bars, restaurants etc Rishi about town. He does seem to be spinning it now. Not hard to shine next to a fat useless liar like BoJo. 

No, Keir Starmer is. 

And the Shadow Chancellor is Annelise Dodds. CV: PPE degree, politics, some more politics, umm a bit more politics.

Rishi would rip her to shreds.

The "Tory shires" aren't anti-immigration. They bloody love it. How would they cope without their Eastern European cleaners?

It's the Labour heartlands in run-down ex-industrial towns that oppose it.

Depends a bit what Dux means by “the Tory shires”.

If he means Home Counties/SE England commuter belt seats ex Essex/East Anglia, he has a bit of a point. Although not sure it’s true of coastal seats around North and South Kent and westwards from there.

Plenty of dyed in the wool Tory seats in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and all up the East coast from there, as well as in rural NE that are much more anti-immigration (to say nothing of the red Tories in the former “Red Wall”).

The bigotry force is strong in the Blukip pensioner voter base.

And the Shadow Chancellor is Annelise Dodds. CV: PPE degree, politics, some more politics, umm a bit more politics.

Rishi would rip her to shreds.

Rex, Rishi appears to have done PPE as well. So they seem to have done the same degree.

All this downers on PPE degrees its seems. I did a pure Economics degree not sure it makes me more likely to be able to rip a PPE graduate to shreds as a result. I can remember very little of my degree. Yes he has more a financial background but for a Chancellor its more about getting ideas across the public in simple terms.

Ken Clarke, one of the better chancellors of recent times had very much a legal background and when Browne went all endogenius growth they he lost it.

All the Tories I know think he's fucking amazeballs.

In the oldies in the shires, there is an anti immigrant feel. They may not say it anymore openly but its there. Agree with Dux different for the younger ones commuting into lower. 

They wouldn't  wont they Summer. Not exactly a surprise. At the moment he appears (and I emphasise appears) the one competent member of probably the least competent cabinet in history. Time will tell with Rishi. 

I imagine the tories have already done their sums about the brown vote tbh

Fucking racist Torys with their asian decent Chancellor and Home Secretary.

Only Labour can help the BAME populous!!!  



I just can't wait until Labour get in so we can finally have a woman Prime Minister. 

Labour - so right on. 

Go Drear Starmer!

Mr C I'm not knocking PPE but appreciate this wasn't clear.

However, what you do afterwards is important and too many in government have no experience of the real world. See the PM for example.

Jackofhearts, its hard to see the Kent coastal areas as Tory shires, they probably have a lot more in common with the Red Wall seats.

As stated elsewhere, I think Rishi is a good bet for next PM. Reminds me of Osborne in his shameless self promotion.

Rishi should be at the very least priming himself as the next party leader which I think he is . You can see the awkwardness and scowling by BJ on the few occasions when he is on walk about with Rishi when the cameras are present .

he really doesn’t like the focus off him. If BJ can get a could brexit deal that should save him, if he can’t and the economy tanks further which it will, his party will slowly start to turn 

Perhaps. But the definition of “Tory shires” as being Sevenoaks &  Tunbridge Wells, Surrey, bits of Berks and Hants, er, that’s it really is bizarrely reductive.

What dux really meant, I suspect, is commuter belt seats. Bozomandias doesn’t give a toss about those seats (he was perfectly happy to contemplate losing Guildford in 2019). 

I agree the commuter belt, [currently] Tory seats relatively chilled about immigration.

But that’s a different kettle of fish to eg Chelmsford, let alone rural middle England.

‘hard to see the Kent coastal areas as Tory shires, they probably have a lot more in common with the Red Wall seats’

i.e total shitholes

You eloquently put it better than I ever could have done Fence Foal. 

Don't really see his race holding him back, Tories are pretty good at picking leaders based on electability. Whatever else you say about Boris, I dont think Jeremy Hunt would have got his current majority.

Kent is full of cunts. There's nothing about the place that anyone could recommend 



Kent is a bit of a curate’s egg. You’ve got Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells and the Weald, which are mostly nice

then you’ve got Thanet, Medway and Sheppey, all of which are a live action 24/7 Jeremy Kyle show but with more suicides 

What FF said exactly.

My former Professor of Economics and my supervisor said to me " PPE great for going in to Politics, little use for anything else, its superficial and is a master of none" He taught the Economics bit of PPE at Oxford  for a few years and was struck how basic the economics bit was. Barely A Level apparently

Kent is largely very nice and deserving of the title of Garden of England. It just declines towards the coast- Medway, Thanet, Dover etc.

The weald in Kent and across to East Sussex is my favourite part of the UK and is fairly underappreciated.

The thing about PPE at Oxon is you can drop the E thereof after the first year, falling back on the 2 Ps which you can wing.


Ineed jack, yet so many graduate employers go gooey eyed at the degree, in addition don't over half of people get a first

I doubt over half, tbh. Prob more than half get a 2:1 or a Geoff.

Only 17% in 2018 got firsts appaz. But 95% got firsts or 2:1s. That’s fucking shocking.

Even when I was a finalist 21 years ago, 80% of PPE students got firsts or 2:1s, but about 14% got firsts. So the real grade inflation is mostly in the 2:1 class.

I wasn’t a PPEist, to be clear. 

There you go jack it is a BS degree, my father says that and he has one from pembroke college. Friends who did them seemed the least stress out of any I know. One Oxford don in the Guardian described it as a vocational degree....

Old joke - why doesn’t a PPE student get out of bed in the morning? Because then there’d be nothing to do in the afternoon.

To get a first took application and ability, but it was an easy coast to a 2:1 for an awful lot of quite mediocre people.

My old final honoured school now doles out firsts to a third of students FFS. Getting to the point where you’ll have to start asking whether it’s a high first/how many “leading alphas”. 

And binning anyone with a 2:1.

Indeed Jack, that is why the best commercial, specialist , and civil sets you will see tenants over the last ten years have "top" firsts which mainly display a degree of genuine academic excellence as opposed to those who scrape a first with a bit of work

Law was always for sloggers. But not just “a bit” of work, it was fucking misery from what I could see from the outside.


Basically if u get a first u have wasted your time at university.

Look at Rof's examples.*

*I exclude ccat from that statement because he clearly fluked it

Who was it that said to get the best out of university there are three things available but to succeed you can only do two of them :




I have always been far more impressed by someone who rowed for the first boat, was social secretary for whatever society or club, worked in Tescos 20 hours a week, partied 3 nights a week until 3 AM at least and came out with a 2:1. Contrast against the person who prepares and attends every lecture and tutorial haing done ALL the reading, and spends 12 hours a day in the library, who gets a good first.

Which is the academically more gifted.

My dad is externally invigilating exams for Cass (or City or whatever it is now) anyway 55% of them are getting firsts this year apparently.

LA, all about the rankings. One of my lecturers was at Oxford ,( she became a professor at Brizzle), and she said if you are averaging about 67% they at Oxford will just bump you up over the 70%, ditto for those who were on 55/56% , would nudge you over to get a 2:1 , and hey presto everyone gets a first or 2:1 . I have often heard it said by academics getting a 2;2 these days something has gone very, very wrong

Dunno who ROF’s examples are, tbh.

I was comfortably inside top 10% of my year (non-law final honours) and I was a lazy, drunken fucker for all but the last 2 terms.

I think what the Brizzle tutor had in mind was the point that 2 leading betas with an alpha element could be counted as 1 leading alpha (ie a first on that paper).

Percentage grades are clearly for people who believe in, well, being average (or can do maths - same difference for most Oxbridge arts and humanities dons).


Anyway, back to Rishi the dishy and his chances of becoming PM (via what counts as “Tory shires”).

I got a 69 in my degree and cunts wouldnt bump me. 

obvs got a fair few 69z as well, lad.

the Tory shires round here are very brown and very tory. I imagine that his path is strewn with roses when he goes out and about round Dorneywood way, which is likewise.

Smart and hard-working bloke.  Immediately puts him above many of his colleagues, on both counts.  As I age, I care less and less about parties and more about individuals.  Seems like a decent fellow tbh.