Right, WTF does all that now mean?

Finally, brexit has beaten me, no idea what’s going on or what it means. Soz for another brexit thread. 

No idea. No point watching the news because they don't know either. Anarchy or martial law ?

Anna, go on do ur best, what is the score my head is fried and gone. All I can deduce is the first vote was much more closer than anyone can imagine.

It seems no deal is a certainty now, have I understood hat correctly?

Anarchy or martial law ?

so in RoF terms the options are being run by Captain Swing or three ducks

ebitda I think so, the mere fact Parliament has voted against no deal makes it bound to happen in our dysfunctional political times.

fvcked up indeed

Soz.  Whether you like it or not Brexit will go on for another ten years at least.  

If we Remain, the Troo Beleevers will not accept it.  And the EU stands badly in need of reform anyway.  

If we Leave, this is only the Withdrawal Agreement.  A further set of agreements has to be negotiated after Brexit to define our new relationship (if any) with the EU.  And UK politix will turn radically nasty as it becomes clear that Brexit was very expensive and gained us nothing whatever.

I think the most likely outcome is that MPs vote in favour of asking for an extension tomorrow evening and the EU either says, "OK but here are our terms" (probably financial plus a second referendum) or "Only for a good reason so go away and work out what you actually want to do next" or "No, you've had enough time, so revoke or fuck off."

And then we get more of this shit next week. 

If an extension is granted there is going to have to be another referendum. If it isn't then I think we're crashing out on 29th March. 

TMPM will press on and try to game the motion tomorrow the way she did with today’s motion. She’ll hope a few ministers resign so she can appoint some lickspittles. She’ll lie to the EU in asking for an extension and try to get her deal thru again. Meanwhile on the back of the fear of EU elections the loony extremists will start a few fires

my hunch, and it is just that is that the EUwill not grant n=an extension

Hmmm having tried to get my head round it...

The delay motion will win tomorrow, tm will then go for a third vote on her deal next week which she might just squeak if the mogg mob finally back it, but it would need more than the erg to change their minds in terms of numbers    

in the meantime, various MPs will try to get debates on indicative votes so that we can at least get an idea on what may have a chance of passing, which will include customs union, remain and ref2. 

From the ashes of that lot whoever is pm at that time will go to eu and ask for more time. 

One assumes remainers and soft brexiters know their only chance is to utterly fvck mays deal howsoever they can. 

Ref2 followed by remain is still my best guess. 

Well they have said they will only grant one for a good reason and Parliament keeps voting against things but won't actually vote for anything. My guess is they either say, "Only for a good reason and this is what the reason will be so go away and vote on that and then come back and tell us what you've decided" in which case Parliament will narrowly vote in favour of what the EU proposes and we will have an extension, or they will say, "Only for a good reason so come back when you've come.up with one" in which case we will crash out because Parliament can't agree on anything. 

No way will the eu not grant an extension. 

If may loses her vote next week I reckon at that point she quits. 

I don't think whoever programmed the Maybot put in any code for "I quit."

Surely they can do the indicative vote thing before requesting an extension? Then the EU hopefully knows what Parliament would support.

Which is a customs union btw.

Why was the vote whipped by the government? The may bot said yesterday it would be a free vote. 



Well, I am mighty pleased that (a) the spelman amendment passed despite May whipping against it; (b) the malthouse amendment was thrashed (free vote, heh) and then [c) the main vote passed by a significant majority even though the undemocraric witch reneged and whipped against it. 

Some poweful messages there. 

And I cannot beleive she is putting her sodding deal back to parliament for a third time.  I hope tf it is trounced again.  

what Anna sai at 20.45. Those are the only three things. EU will respond with a revised time extension provided UK parliament comes up with a deal alternative that will pass the votes. And that may well take some time until cows come home. Or Parliament takes over. 

All this drama is only strengthening the reality that we need a moderate party and IG will succeed in creating a credible political alternative at the election. 

Ebidta - that's not your hunch. But your prayer. 


Sweet irony that brexiteers have to rely on the EU to achieve a no-deal brexit. They ought to have a word with themselves. 

The only powerful message is that you are either an

obsessive  remainder or leaver and haven't got the brains to


That's exactly the problem, Bernstein. 

May has polarised leavers and remainers from the start. She's made no effort to bring remainers on board at any stage in the process or go for any kind of softer compromise. She went full on hard Brexit right from the start and the only reason she's had to dial it back is because the EU wouldn't give us a deal which involved a hard border in Ireland. So she's come back with a deal that is somewhere in the middle (which is what she should have done all along) and is surprised when remainers reject it because it's too Brexity and leavers reject it because it's not Brexity enough.

If you want people to meet in the middle and compromise, you have to lead by example. And she did the opposite. She almost encouraged the polarisation of leavers and remainers until December when she needed Parliament to come together, and unsurprisingly both sides told her to get bent. 

Increasingly I feel Cameron made the right decision 

When you have two groups of fanatics who refuse to talk to each other or compromise,  best leave them to it and walk away

Bit like the British in Palestine 

The right decision for himself​​​​​​, having fucked up spectacularly​​​​​​, not for the country.

The right decision for the country would have been for him to ask his pa to get him a nice cushy job as a stockbroker so that he had never gone into politics and we could all be blissfully unaware of his existence.