Richard Dawkins on LBC being interviewed by Marrs

On free speech, but mainly the trans men/women debate, and whether one can change their sex, etc and should a trans woman be recognised as a woman biological or otherwise. I am mostly nonplussed by the debates. That said he is understanding of the debate, he was rational and thoughtful in his answers, as one would hope.

Summary is, lets have a reasoned debate, without histeria, but a trans gender woman is not a woman biological or otherwise.

He's  not everyones cup of tea, but I have always liked him

Lord save is from this absurd fiction that keeps getting pushed that anyone thinks trans women somehow become biologically female.  You really have to be either dishonest or very stupid to repeat it.  Poor old Dawkins, not sure he's intentionally dishonest (though he does say some very foolish things, very smart but not wise unfortunately), so I guess he's just losing the plot a bit   

What a surprise, I can't wait to hear his views on other buzzword issues in the leadup to its release. Reckon he might just happen to have some controversial views?

Imagine being so clueless a boffin that someone comes to you and says "trans women believe they should live their lives and be treated as female" and you think you are being very helpful and clearing everything up for everyone by saying "Oh, no you'll find that its not possible for a biological man to become a biological woman".  And then sitting back feeling pleased with yourself for making such a killer point that all the little people have obviously overlooked.  ffs   

Summary is, lets have a reasoned debate, without histeria, but a trans gender woman is not a woman biological or otherwise.

well it’s the “or otherwise” part that’s the issue isn’t it?

all the feminists say being a woman isn’t solely down to a person’s biological nature, it’s either a political class (if you’re on the mackinnon/radfem side) or a socially constructed one (if you’re on the butler/deconstructionist side)

I dunno, the way you put it Warren, you're advocating for a right to cosplay which is probably less helpful than someone pointing out that a man who wants to be treated as a women, nevertheless does not become a female by the power of his and society's belief 

Surely that should be the starting point though? If it was, much of the scaremongering and hysteria would have been avoided (probably wishful thinking) or reduced.

if we start by acknowledging that trans women and women are not the same, the logical next step is to work out what each of those groups needs protecting or creating to make them feel safe or fairly represented in our society.



Surely that should be the starting point though?

well not in feminist theory actus - women being defined by their biology is the exact thing they’ve been fighting against for decades, and none of them would really like to go back to it (even as a “starting point”)

the only ones who really want women to be defined by their biology are the fundamentalist far right, because it allows them to control women’s bodies and discriminate against them