Rewatching Eastenders from the first episode

Do you know if this would be possible? I don't know where they are showing the repeats. Do you think someone has watched very show right from the start.

Christ, can you imagine? Ugh. Is there nothing else more constructive to do? 

I reckon my mum would do this with Corrie if she knew how.

I think it would be a nice challenge. Maybe an hour everyday and 2 hours on sat and sun. You'd be caught up in no time.

At 9 hours a week it would take just under 11 years to watch all 10,230 episodes of Coronation St. Less if you skip the adverts though.

Well let's work this out. Roughly 90 minutes per week for 35 years = 114 days unless I've miscalculated.

I did 90 × 52 ÷ 60 × 35 ÷ 24

All started with the death of Reg Cox and Arfur stealing some of the dead man's whisky.

A few years ago I worked my way through every episode of the Bill.

I think you'd have to watch all of Corrie and Emmerdale for some balance. 

Not bad Moleman

According to wiki (up to date as of April 2nd) there have been 6,648 episodes of Eastenders with a total runtime of 138.5 days. 

With dash1's schedule of 9 hours a week it would take just over 7 years to watch them all and that doesn't include any new ones which you would have to add on.

Im.pretty sure it was on only twice a week for the first ten years or so.

I agree with Minkie - there was quite a lot made of it going to 3 nights a week c 1995

Probably right about that Minkie.

Shall we call it 90 days?

Just read RR's post.

Somehow it's more than I calculated 🤔

18,000 episodes of Guiding Light were made. They ought to show that again. 

After 140 days' worth of stories, how can they have any combinations of story-lines left to run.  Surely everyone has shagged and/or killed everyone else by now. 

Also 500 plus episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine. Surely the Fat Controller's shagged all the pretty trains by now.  

any idea where / how i could watch them? would love to watch old ep of the bill. loved it.

DCI Burnside.

The Bill is still regularly shown on Gold.

They used to show Eastenders but caught up and stopped.

bet early episodes of the Bill were pretty un PC

If you find out who killed Reg Cox let me know!

I think they had to edit some of the earlier episodes of the Bill for those replays quite a bit Wellers for the reasons you suggest.....

“I’m trying to run a high-class Bureau de Change!”

I'm currently working my way through every episode of The Bill from the start. The early series have aged very badly and were actually quite ahead of their time in confronting police racism and brutality. I am currently on 1997 Series 13. 

The Bill can be found on Daily Motion and YouTube. It gets taken down from time to time but usually someone puts it back. 

I haven't seen Eastenders since Arfur Fahler stole the Christmas Club money and smashed his gaff up. It was crap then, it was crap at the start, and I'm sure it's crap now.

According to that fansite there's an unbroadcast storyline in which Arfur becomes a serial rapist, targeting the elderly. He rapes Dot then Ethel before being caught and imprisoned. Actor Bill Treacher had wanted to be written out of the series to try and crack America but changed his mind so the storyline was never used.

Early eastenders was amazing. I watched it daily for at least 15 years. Might get back into it 

The nation was gripped. Remember Ozcabs?

I reckon it would be dated to the point of unwatchable now tbf.

Heh. Nasty Nick, hands down the best character on the show.

Ozcabs god yes, sue running the phone for oz's cab from the corner of the cafe (and running the cafe)

I had a strange and formative crush on Pete Beale

He had that cockney thing where he couldn't pronounce his r's

Den's domestic abuse of Ang was pretty dark.

"Eppy Christmas Enge."

I watched the first Corrie episode, I think it was around the 50 year celebration they replaved - I was really suprised, it was high quality intense stuff, Ken barlow as an edgy left wing intellectual, not the piss and wind it is today 

So Gannicus looks a bit like Pete Beale is what you're saying?

If it doesn't already, I think this should feature in possible future roleplay activities.

Start by discreetly introducing him to the character, drop in a few mind seeds, subtly buy him a few outfits and one of those market trader pouches.

Then one day look him cold in the eye and say.

"I want you to pretend to be Pete Beale and then fvck me, you have to keep up the act until I tell you to stop."

you was almost mawwied to Jamie, that makes you faaaaamily 

Ha I would love someone to do this. What a lockdown story that would be.

Impressive how these shows have just about survived in recent years. Given a choice of four channels you can understand them being popular, but who watches live terrestrial tv anymore (especially soaps)?  Given the choice of Netflix, prime, sky, Disney, etc.

My parents watched Corrie until about 2010 (about the time when their internet connection got good). 

The Bill has the best theme tune in the history of TV. The early version that is . They ruined it with the updates