a return of scurvy




" Does he not agree that scurvy back on our streets is more important than the whims of fundamentalist party members’ wishes? "



Appaz we already have quite a scurvy problem in the U.K., mainly caused by people eating nothing but fried food and soft drinks. 

It was scurvy-ridden matelots that made Britain Great. 

I've recently been around HMS Victory.  imagine (for those of u who have been) how rank it must have been in sickbay down in the bowelz, when u had scurvy or ricketts (or were just visiting tbh).  

I would have died of severe head injuries quite quickly due to the fact it was built for jayers' ancestors, the Borrowers.

Hardy was six foot one ffs

Wang The Borrowers were bloody excellent, irrespective of their connection (or otherwise) to Jayers. I remember in my mid 20s being delighted to discover that there was a 5th book in the series that I hadn't known about, buying it and taking it back to the office.

In The Borrowers Afloat the Clocks took to the waters in (I think) a kettle.

Just how low is the headroom in the Victory?  I mean, I know Jayerz is a Borrower, but Wang is not much bigger than a lawn ornament, ffs.

@Blue Iguana21 Jun 19 14:58

i thinking was when they ceased to by scurvy-ridden that they made a bit of progress.  


Badderz you rude man, on the bottom deck it is about 5 foot in some places.  I gave myself such a number of percussive head injuries that I am planning to launch a class action against HM Navy