Restaurant Recommendations: Aalborg, Denmark

Anyone?!  Yup, appreciate it is completely random, but I have a five hour drive through Denmark this weekend, and I'd like to find somewhere to have some good food and break up the journey.  Aalborg is looking like it is half way between our start and end point, so if anyone by any godforsaken chance has any idea of where is good to eat, it would be much appreciated. 

(I've just googled some restaurants and it looks as if we will be haemorrhaging (sp?) cash - feck, the Nordics are expensive).


Err no idea. But Denmark is the cheaper option.  If you think that’s pricey wait until you get to norway!

I recently paid £98 for 3 double gin and tonics in Stavanger.

faod it is illegal to sell doubles in Norway so they serve you a single with an extra shot on the side.

Been to Norway loads because of work, but never had to pay for myself.  This time, sadly, I have to pay for myself. 

Not sure how Aalborg can be a Halfway point to anywhere but mortens kro is great. There’s also a nice restaurant in the Music House - forget its name, but the food is good, sort of frenchy danishy combos. 

I'm going to Aarhus in August. which isn't a million miles away


TC - Skagen?

(We are too tight to actually fly to Aalborg - the flights were double what they are to CPH). 

Actually, Wellerz, for once I agree with you.  Aarhus may be a better option, as can get the ferry.  God I wish we'd planned this trip before winging it. 

Skagen is only an hour or so from Aalborg? 

It’ll be an easy drive, I wouldn’t worry about it.  

Do you have kids? Stop off at Legoland as part of the journey?

Fvck no; on both counts.  I've been to Legoland with someone else who has kids and I would rather stick pins in my eyes. 

I don't know about restaurants but a free surprise in Aalborg is the Museum of Modern Art, designed by Alvar Aalto, it is very very soothing architecture, the café has classically Scandinavian coffee and ginger cake, and the low windows are the most pleasing I have ever sat and gazed through in any building ever.