Remember when the FA Cup final was a big deal?

When the teams released a single, wore suits and stayed in a fancy hotel the night before?

long way from boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts etc 

Yep was a whole day in front of the telly event for me, flicking between BBC1 and ITV over the build up

United are wearing a Paul Smith suit, as announced to fans yesterday

The cheats are wearing LGBTQ+ patterns 


The cheats are wearing human rights abuses 

I agree it's no longer a big deal.

It shouldn't even count towards a treble any more. Should be League, FA Cup and Champions League until prior to this season and League, League Cup and Champions League from this season onwards

I was there at old wembley when the spice boys turned up in white suits and got sent home with the losers medals by Eric the King. What a time to be alive. 

That was my favourite final. Definitely.

Arsenal semi-final in '99 probably in my top 3 matches ever.

Heh - think they were ‘cream’ weren’t they? Anyway, staggering hubris

When did teams stop doing cup final songs? I remember Bob Mortimer (Middlesbrough) and Suggs (Chelsea) doing cup final songs in the mid 90s

Arsenal semi-final in '99 probably in my top 3 matches ever.

I was not there for that one sadly but here is my top 3 I witnessed.

  1. Utd beating the spice tw@s at wembley 96
  2. Rooney debut hat-trick vs Fenerbahce
  3. Van Persie title winning hat-trick vs Villa

Scenes at all three.

It mattered when we were banned from European competitions.

Obvs since we’ve come off the sin bin bench for the champions league it means fook all. 

It mattered when we were banned from European competitions.

Worth remembering that this was 99% the fault of the dipper tw@s and their thieving, murderous fans.

It's such a big deal on the peninsula that they've moved the Epsom Derby to 1.30pm so people can gabmle on both. 

These sports are no longer part of British culture. They are irrelevant to us. They exist only to make money for citizens of nowhere.

FA Cup Final singles definitely peaked with “Ossie's going to Wembley, his knees have gone all trembley”... “in de Cup for Totting-ham.” Chas and Dave genius

Despite the cheats best efforts at destroying the game of football for the working classes, it is not done yet 

United stand alone defending it 

I'll be in the pub for it, it will be packed. 

If you think no one is interested that because you don't spend any time in proper northern boozers, the ones where the menu has two options - KP nuts or Quavers.

I would say see you in the public bar, but I think the telly is being wheeled into the beer garden, bring on the sunshine. I will be United, despite the usual reservations its the only choice for a neutral to cheer for the little guys.


99.9% of people will be supporting united 

United fans 


Anyone who loves the sport of football 

People who back the underdog

People who like to feed the poor 

People who don't like corruption or cheating or human rights abusers 

Very few people outside of that 

As a kid who grew up near Wembley you could make a fortune on Cup Final day by learning a couple of the players names and the team songs.

Turn up at a local pub that'd be spilling out with supporters from one or the other team, sing their tune and the p!ssed up idiots would clap, cheers and give you a small fortune.

On to the next pub...

"These sports are no longer part of British culture. They are irrelevant to us. They exist only to make money for citizens of nowhere."

What an absolute crock. 

wot we need is that super league back up and running

that was a gr7 idea - all the plastic financially doped clubs can bugger off to that with sponsors from some oppressive regime and the league becomes balanced and about proper local football clubs again

Tbf oracle we basically do have that - saudia Arabia, cheats, Dubai Emirates all play on a different playing field financially to Manchester United and Liverpool, the proper clubs 

It's quite remarkable Manchester United managed to break oil club dominance in league and cup 

All funded by local working class heroes going to games and fanatically supporting a proper football club 

Success should be earned, not bought by cheats 


manyoo and the scousers r prob the worst financial dopers simply cos they pretend not 2 b

1st and 2nd on my list 2 fook off and join a super league

newcastle can stay as long as they bin their owners

Used to be a big day when i was at university.  Load a punt with enough booze to sink the bizmarck and pootle along to watch it in a pub.  Once my mate dave fell in in the way back and had to go to the tropical disease centre a coupke of days later because a redness was spreading up his legs.  They made him poo in a box and he had to take it back to them on the bus.

Oracle do you follow football?

United are negative spend from owners 

Liverpool are net net basically zero spend from owners 

The only real clubs left 

Doping is not having a shite load of fans FAOD 

Ofc the fa cup lost its lustre when Mansurrey Ushited were allowed to miss a year back in 2000. Shocking.

This is the same club who inter alia pushed for a super league, and are paying the worlds most expensive defender £10 mill to leave.

They’ve destroyed the sport.

Ofc the fa cup lost its lustre when Mansurrey Ushited were allowed to miss a year back in 2000. Shocking’

remember some blazer telling us that this would help England’s World Cup bid? Breathtaking levels of naivety

‘Nice for manutd fans to have a local game tho’

Yeah I was dreading the journey south with the train strike but then I remembered who the oppo is 😂

It's not an issue really - Wembley will be 95% united fans 

Couple of cheats fans on a tourist day out but they will be well behaved 

Could probably get away with zero security 

Missing tournaments to play other tournaments because we didn't have an owner pumping in 6bn to cover up human rights abuses at home 

Watch it 

The cheats have tried to destroy football 

But the working classes need to stand up for it 

Flick the TV on and support united/the sport/equality 

Tbf Tom getting from Surrey to Wembley tomorrow will be almost as big a ball ache as getting in from up north 

The working classes will not miss the big game 

Cheats fans flying in from Abu Dhabi 

Little cucks 

Yes lots of their fans are not local, but there are plenty of local fans too. The Premier League is a global game now whether you like it or not. I'm more of a non league fan myself, but I can still enjoy a big occasion. That the cup final is no longer a big occasion for the prawn sandwich fans is no big loss to me.

79, 81 replay, 83, 87, 88 and the one with Palace (91?) - all great games. Hard to think of any memorable ones since. Maybe it's an age thing. 


Only the prawn sandwich fans can afford to go now, snowfox. Working class fans have been priced out. 

Yes it's true that the cheats can get all their success from Abu Dhabi, their best player from Belgium, their (racist cheating) manager from Spain and 'legend' from Argentina but all of their fans come from within 0.1 miles of the emptyhad

Actually that's probably true. Cuck club 

Last time I went to watch a derby at Wembley it was the 1 nil semi final defeat when Scholes got sent off.

5 o clock kick off time, one of my mates couldn't remember a single part of the game the day after.

Met City's junior firm too, which was interesting 

They were young, they weren't dressed like coppers. Dressed mostly in black, tracksuit bottoms and trainers. You wouldn't even look twice at their ringleader, he was about 5 foot 5 and skinny. 


No, they would have beat us up.

The interesting bit was that they didn't realise we were United fans (we were on the city side of the ground after the game) so proceeded to show some videos of them filling in some United fans earlier.

it wasn't a hard choice to (a) not correct them on who we supported or (b) not seek revenge for our fellow reds.

They were scary fvckers