For Remainiacs like me...

...there's no good Tory leadership candidate. At least Boris is sincere, Hunt now seems to be going all out for 'no deal' despite his previous protestations:

  • July 23, 2018 “Only person rejoicing [about No Deal] would be Putin.”
  • January 2, 2019 “A no deal Brexit would cause disruption that could last some time. Even if you are someone who believes that Britain will flourish and prosper, whatever that disruption might be, that is not something that any government should willingly wish upon its people”
  • February 20, 2019 “So none of us should have any doubt that failing to secure a ratified Withdrawal Agreement between Britain and the EU would be deeply damaging, politically as well as economically.”
  • July 17, 2019 “[No Deal] would be a mistake we would regret for generations”

Hunt just can't be trusted, can he?

None of them can, they are just concerned with appealing to a collection of 120,000 of the most fvckwitted people in the country.

The Tory party has given up all pretence in governing in the interest of anyone but itself.

"At least Boris is sincere".




Johnson is many things.  Aptly named, for one.  Sincere is not one of them.


There is no good outcome.  We are now in that strange lull between the scientists finding the asteroid that will destroy all life later this year, and the asteroid actually hitting us.  Except Bruce WIllis is too old, and he's run out of vests.

They are both the same. Both previously said no deal was madness/project fear. Both pursuing it now.

Parliament needs to stop this.

the commons had the chance to stop it and voted against giving themselves the power to do so

who knows what will happen now

"At least Boris is sincere"

I would imagine the first time anyone has ever said this.

They’re both abysmal, but I shall vote for hunt when I get the relevant paperwork.  I just think he’ll be slightly less catastrophically shit than Bojo- however I am aware it’s an unlikely vote for him to win.  

But at least there’ll be a general election pretty damn quick and we can all hold our noses and vote Lib Dem.

But I am sure my vote for hunt will lose anyway, and if bojo does get in as I expect then at least no one can accuse me of having voted for him!

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this is one of hanners’ weirder attempts

There is a better and more pertinent question for hanners