Refusing a female journalist an interview without a male chaperone

What a truly depressing state of affairs

1. the belief that there is a significant risk that a woman would make a false allegation.

2. the belief that there is a perception that any time alone with a woman leads to a perception of wrong doing.

If he won (and I love the word gubernatorial) he would have to run his office according to his values, despite the fact this would discriminate against women.

These are the fvkcing leaders of America...






If a man said he wasn't willing to have a meeting with me without a chaperone, I'd assume he didn't trust himself around women 


Under his eye eh 


sensible chap. She clearly just wants to do a hatchet job on him. See Kavanaugh for how low the Dems will stoop.

It's an indictment of the crazy #metoo culture. Although his is an overreaction, it's a sad reflection of the times. 

There is an element of not trusting self in some of these things. Not so much this guy, but Pence's weird thing where he won't be at an event with alcohol without his wife by his side. There is no potential explanation for that save that he thinks he'll binge and crack on to someone he shouldn't. Well, there are other potential explanations, but none is anywhere near as likely.

MY TRUCK, MY RULES is a great soundbite tho and will go across well with the Republican gammon base. MY TRUCK, MY RULES.

The #metoo concerns are bullshit. 

But I find it hard to completely dismiss the man’s position in the same week that the Guardian has seen fit to insinuate that the only reason a female reporter can get a story is by fucking people. 

We get the world we deserve. 

If only he'd claimed he actually follows the OTHER religion, the one that no one is allowed to criticise, then no one would have raised an issue. Muppet. 

"It's an indictment of the crazy #metoo culture. "


No its not. Its a prick trying to do that but in fact making himself look like a creepy twat. 


Beautiful Scotch lassie. Sensible man and good move to quote his religion  Don't think I'd trust myself alone with her in a truck for 15 hours

Such a woman should have many strong sons 

was that mean to sound as batshit mental as it does? 


It’s a bit odd but Americans are a bit odd

shes interviewed him lots apparently.  This was to be 15 hours in a truck with him which I guess is a bit different. But still, see comment above about “odd”

He’s a DILF she’s a MILF there’s chemistry because of different politics - he’s damn right they would bang bones on the bus, probably her plan all along to get with a totes fitty like him

Arbiter, did you wake up this morning just determined to crowbar a reference to Oakeshott into any old thread you could?

wot Linda said, I would never have any fear of allegations of sexual misconduct, the men who have the fear are the ones that tread a thin line/push the boundaries, and know it.

I wouldn't want to risk being in the same postcode as old Dr Dotty King tbh. 

Why does everyone care about this shit? It's a bit weird, but it's a matter between him and his wife and it doesn't hurt anyone to have a third person there. The democrats who care about this won't be voting for him anyway.

Fact is she was probably delighted when it happened because what would have been the least interesting story of all time turned into a story which is now part of the national conversation, with her pretty face bang in the middle of it. Her career just got a massive boost.

Yeah I think I would want a chaperone if I was alone with kingers too

What the sensible normal people said

I don’t routinely think men are going to assault me just like most normal men don’t think women are randomly going to accuse them of assault etc. 

People who inherently distrust themselves and the opposite sex are the people who do 

Do fuck off

door Open and 3rd person when miss t is coming 

Zero, I'm referring to the Steptoe story in RoF News. 

Although- there is always IG when the Bean is itching, right? ?

Do you think this is why Trump has Ivanka at his side at all times?

It's not real. If any of his cited reasons were true and issues of real concern between him and his wife he'd just have said no. Going so public with why is a performative stunt designed to appeal to the persecution complex of his idiotic voter base.

Do these men need chaperones in order to be alone with their sister I wonder?


I mean, this guy is from Mississippi, where they are quite big on sister-fucking.

performative stunt

surely not! I wonder where the right wingers learned that little trick?

Supes why are you sex-shaming people? Why can't they sleep with who they want you big reactionary fascist 

Wouldn't it be cool to agree to him having a female chaperone at the interview and then turn up in a short skirt and give her the full Sharon Stone...

...would he get the subtle 'I'm not interested' message?

I am not meaning to defend the guy, but tbh if I heard that a politician and a reasonably attractive journalist of the opposite sex and around the same age had spent 15 hours alone together in his campaign truck... I’d probably suspect they boned, tbh

"I am not meaning to defend the guy"

No, perish the thought that you should deviate from your Left-liberal agenda by voicing an actual opinion of your own. 

Supes, these types are like the Ancient Egyptians. They do fcuk their siblings.