recommend a light powerful minimalist hoover pls?

 - without a bag

 - but also not a Dyson (they're too heavy and too underpowered)

- suitable for painted wooden floors and thin hard rugs

- not too noisy, because the downstairs neighbours put up with enough as it is

- as small and as light as possible, consistent with being powerful


Lidl did a fake Dyson five or six years ago, I had one, it was great, I trashed it by mistake, have regretted it ever since, if anyone had one of those and knows what make it was, that would be useful intel.


thnx in advance :)

c'mon, make an effort, it's not as if you're all too busy on other threads

We have a g tech which probs fulfils all your criteria

I can barely do the house on one charge tho #humblebrag

Hoover turbopower bagless - currently 20 pounds off at Robert Dyas

good humblebrag Mr H

the hoover looks good too

keep them coming kids -

not sure doing your own hoovering counts as a brag tbh.


solid burn

no dissing my helpful contributors pls Wang especially since you are not offering hoover knowledge

*cross face*

Wang heffalump etc, when you spill something in your own home do you just leave it on the floor until the cleaner turns up??

I have a dyson cordless v10.  It's fantastic and not heavy.   

Thought about a Botvac? We've one that does the downstairs every couple of days at night - mix of wooden flooring and risel (sp?) carpets with two dogs and a cat thrown in. Bloody marvellous

We have a Henry which I won in a raffle.

The cleaner seems to like it.

dyson cordless are not heavy and the newer versions are powerful enough for most purposes.

I ready a story somewhere on the internet about pet shit getting smeared all over the downstairs (in the night) by a robot vacuum cleaner.

No Bikey I make the smallest child scuttle under the table with a dustpan and brush as if they were cleaning Richard Arkwright's factory.




*We don't have a cleaner


dog sh1t + robomower = stinky mower, but organically fertlized lawn

dog sh1t + robovacum = carnage

More than anything, I would love to be allowed to send a small child scuttling under things with a brush. That would also be the right size of child for things requiring small fingers and good eyesight, like popping cardamom seeds out of the pod for home made garam masla, so, economies of scale. But we can't always have what we want.

It doesn't have to be cordless.

Like the look of the Athlet and the Dyson V10   :)




The Athlet is great (I dunno which one I have but it was one of the cheaper ones)

deffo get a cordless (they all lie about run times but they charge pretty quick)

Dysons are over-priced IMHO (plus, Dyson is a cockwomble)

we shall wait with baited breath for your purchasing decision

"We don't have a cleaner"

Wtf do you spend all your money on? 98" tellies?

Living in the cuntryside I have to vacuum between cleaner visits

Exactly Hargreave!


Coase, the dream of giving the small child the handheld Hoover and sitting back whilst watching sport is rapidly shattered by the reality of thinking of a passable 'safeguarding' explanation for the vacuum induced bruise on their mush when you have to hand them over to the nursery obergruppenfurher on Monday morning...

Bright Carver - FANTASTIC! That is EXACTLY what I want. If there isn't already an agency to hire out floor-dusting babies one should be set up immediately.

Wait till you check out the video, three-mopeds :) 

I have a miele c3. 

But it has a bag and a cord. 

It is ace though. 

Having become a certified cat lady I do have to vacuum the place every day just to keep on top of the cat hair. The little fvckers shed so much and the Miele is so much better at picking it all up than the one I had before.


Vax have always served me well and would do what you are after

What's wrong with a hoover bag? they take a few seconds to change and don't need to be changed very often at all. If you can tolerate a bag you can't beat henry the hoover, light, easy to move around, best on the market.

I you're supposed to refer to them as a cleaner rather than 'hoover bag' these days, Lyds.

Make sure you give them a contract and pay minimum wage, too.

Hoover bags are not the end of the world, but

-  as they fill, the efficiency of the hoover reduces

- if you don't change or empty the bag every time you hoover, the hoover sits around with dust in it

 - you are tying yourself to repeat purchases of unrecyclable items that cost energy to make and will add to the waste you throw out

 - or, if you're frugal / or saving the planet, you can empty and re-use bags, but they're not really designed for that so it is a dusty task

-  - you have to keep finding the right size and make in the supermarket

p.s. thanks all for the further recommendations, noted re miele.

Im a huge fan of Henners the Hoover but it is very much heavy as fuck in the context of modern vacuums. Shite for stairs too