The reason women aren't funny

Why is this?

Most women I know are quite funny. If you mean: "why aren't there very many professional comediennes?" then one might ask the same about men? I guess the answer is: because nowadays they're all liberal agitators rather than funny people.

I imagine most women in your presence aren't being funny because they are too busy trying to work out how to not be in your presence.


They are


The funniest poster on this board is female.

Anyway, the funniest comedian ever IMO was a woman. Lucille Ball. Brilliant comic timing. They don't make 'em like that any more.

"The funniest poster on this board is female"

Yes, but with Lydia it's unintentional.

‘liberal agitators’

damn, someone did a thorough job on you

do you also deplore ‘fake news’ and ‘the failing New York Times’?

"do you also deplore ‘fake news’"

Weirdly enough I do, yes.


The old Strutter parody account (te Home Counties, gin-and-Jag Tufton Bufton) was better. This one (slightly politically correct Remoaner type) is too generic and lacks originality.

Women don't need to be funny.  They have men to laugh at.  Have you ever seen your own face on the vinegar strokes?

Not seen mine for a while, have to get the videos out

Lovely.  Or you could just do press-ups over a mirror.  That should give you the general idea.

They, on average, have ovaries not ho-ho-hovaries?


When you get over 45 you should never look down into a mirror on any occassion