Real question

How many lawyering Roffers under the age of, lets say 35...


1. Are 100% aiming for equity partner if they are not already there

2. Think the likelihood is they will head off in-house if they havent already

3. Are considering other options than 1 & 2

4. Those of you who are equity you think you will stay so until the end of your career?


Are there any lawyering Roffers under the age of 35?

I'd certainly naffed off from PP at 31. Just didn't like the look of private practice anymore and wasn't money focused enough to kill myself for partnership.

Of the external lawyers we used during PFI hell.... chaps and chappesses in their thirties (about 15 overall)  a. who were killing themselves on several deals in firms that operated for the ebbs and not the flows  b. who worked until midnight and always had to smile and be enthusiastic c. who had to react to unreasonable timetables etc...

..... only one made partnership.... all the rest pissed off to private practice, to the sandpit or made partnership at smaller firms or in the regions.


I would love to meet the sub-35 equity partner working at any decent shop

Equity Associates on the other hand...

I disappeared in-house at 33. Not sure how appealing the prospect is of partnership anymore. Lots of cash (but not for many years given the distinction between salaried and equity partners nowadays) and arguably status but on the other hand dealing constantly with sh1t clients and working until 9pm every day

I've been out of PP for a while, what is an equity associate?

Foxbat, so an equity associate is what I would commonly refer to as a knobber?

The worst are full equity trainees.  Have known a lot (one of whom was a complete wankspanner and is now an actual full eqt partner at a PEP$2mio+ firm having fluked a $$$$ client thru a shared interest in strip clubs and associated extras).

Somewhere legal alien is sobbing gently into his disclosure bundles

I am a relatively old junior-ish lawyer and my Plan A is partnership because what is the fucking point of the miserable grind otherwise?

My main concern is not even the hours and additional stress it is having to run a business with other lawyers who, as a class, I find entirely lacking in imagination, personality and business.

The partners in my team are with very few exceptions absolute fucking cretins when it comes to business. They get away with it because it is a "prestigious" firm and they all just inherited "their" clients which are really the firm's clients and not theirs.  

I'm older but was probably about 35 having been in and out of the profession a couple of times by then that I realised I couldn't be arsed with partnership and all the pain that comes with it.  Why do I want the extra stress and responsibility when I can work reasonable hours for decent pay doing the part of the job that I enjoy?

I may ultimately stroll off to a virtual firm as in the next couple of years my boss will fully retire and I'll inherit his loyal client base.