Random Drug Testing of MPs

Yes or no?

Christ. State of rof these days.


No ffs. They're not flying planes. Who gives a tug?

They're governing a country of 70 million people. I don't think you'd fit that many in an aeroplane.

The people who maintain a law that makes it illegal should operate within the law. 

Or they could just do the sensible thing and decriminalise it



Lawyers and other professionals too.

Media types with a drug taking history are in a conflict situation when writing on the subject so should be required to have a related personal disclosure statement of some sort to assist in evaluating their opinion.

No. I hate this sort of thing. That said people shouldn't vote for folk who oppose drug law reform.

I'd love to know what if anything Diane Abbott is on. Most of the time she opens her gob it sounds like a mixture of LSD and a benzodiazepine  

Even though every word Dianne Abbott says is wrong, I do admire her.  She is dogged in face of the worst abuse and has reached high office with all the odds stacked against her various attributes.

But I do worry she may be quite poorly now.  She now routinely gets confused mid-interview (and whatever else you may say against her, she was not unintelligent.)

I hope her people will be able correctly to discern when "the time" has arrived.