The radicalisation of remain

In the post-truth era where nuance is lost, everyone is "radicalised" because we make people choose sides. You can't be for Brexit and against racism apparently.

Both sides are radicalised. Only in the Guardian could this be considered 'news'.

Comment I disagree with.   Remain is a moderate not a radical position.   If the country takes a radical direction and you wish to remain moderate, no matter how vociferously you do so, that does not make you a radical.    The minority opposed to Hitler and Mussolini were not radicals, those opposed to the communist revolutions were not radicals.  I am not comparing brexit to those things, before people start squawking on, I am illustrating that opposing the direction your country is taking does not make you radical if the direction your country is taking is in itself radical.

What do we want? The continuation of the present state of affairs! When do we want it? On an ongoing basis!

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