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the BBC today says that the Today programme INCREASED its listeners by about 350,000 in the three months to the end of March, which they have put down to interest in Brexit issues.

fark me. Practically everyone I know has stopped listening to Today because of Brexit. I still wake up to it, I was getting the impression I was the only remaining listener. ( have given up the newspaper though).

The Today programme rules: the best British news broadcast out there fo' shizzle.

Wot Johnny said

By the way, didn’t Rebecca Long-Bailey come off as a sh1t thick chancer this morning?

Eddie was on PM show it was goo and better that Today. Now PM sounds like a love fest. 

World at 1 still is holding it together. 

I've stopped listening to or watching anything about politics because of Brexit apart from some very select podcasts (Talking Politics, New Statesman, Guardian). 

Listening to three separate politics podcasts does not sound like cutting politics out of your media diet. 

I have started listening to Fortunately instead (although that might just be because I am old)

I've never met anyone who listens to the Today programme. It sound monumentally dull and WTF wants to listen to that stuff early in the morning?

That said, Brexit has made political life more interesting, so unsurprising the numbers have increased.  

Given that it has an average weekly audience of around 7 million and that they are overwhelmingly middle class I sincerely doubt that dux.

Seriously dude, are you ever right about anything?

Alright, if you want to be your usual smart arse self, I don't know anyone in my circle of friends who listens to the Today programme.

‘smart arse’ in this context of course meaning ‘right’.

And I would be genuinely surprised if amongst (say) 10 people with (presumably) a tertiary education there is not at least 1 listener.