Quiz TONIGHT (honest)

After my monumental fuck-up on dates last week, I can confirm that our next quiz outing is tonight.  All welcome.  It starts at 7.30 in the Punch Tavern (east end of Fleet Street), but I shall be there from 6.30.

I have Skype, but I keep my mobile in the pocket which has a hole in it, plus I'm going commando today.

Just don't ask what I shall be plugging the hole with, Wangle.  You thinking of going?

Team of six.  We have a team already, but no doubt can squeeze another one in on our table if required.

I have had a shocking day at work

expect to hear about it constantly and consistently tonight

We are the (relatively) normal ones, you’d be perfectly safe.

ah but he who must not be named has claimed he knows who I am, and I am to be afraid, very afraid


Me neither.   But that's age related. 


Do I come here often?

Real sorry that I can’t make it tonight.

Come back with your shields or on them.

would it change your mind if I let you spill on my frontage?

Such offers!

Until badders’ recent fitness kick I would have been tempted to say biggest boobage wins, but, well he’s kinda disqualified himself now.

But still can’t make it this month. Can I cash this one in next month?

Yep, of course.  Monty may be able to go next month, which means a boob-off may well be on the cards.

would LOVE to do this quiz but 'er indoors (having spent all day with a 15 month old boy) would not be happy if i didn't get home asap.

She didn't - Tricky's been screwed with work.  How's it looking, Trickster?

No, certainly did not forget. I brushed my hair and teeth 'n did that all that stuff that people do, like washing their bits, when they go to social events. 

Thoroughly fucked at work for 2nd day now. I dunno Badders. I fear you may have to shit in martian's hat, but working hard to make it.

oh, I had some onion in my salad this lunchtime...


Ok - well, it doesn't start until 7.30 and generally finishes around 9.00, so you may be able to make it (if only for a drink afterwards).  I look forward to shitting in ML's hat with great relish.



if anything I was an impediment to winning points

Bollocks. You were wonderful.

You got some questions right too.