Quiz on 12 Feb

There's support for a quiz at the Punch Tavern on Fleet Street on 12 February.  Does anyone fancy going? If so, let me know and I'll organise the requisite number of tables.  Respond on here or nonnymail me at Badmanrofer@gmail.com if you don't fancy identifying yourself as going (or even just don't want to be associated with me, which I can fully understand).

maybe, I am a bit nervous about en masse RoF events.

We won't bite.  Not unless you ask us to, anyway. 

oh man i gotta take my son for judo class in South Ken on Tuesdays or id have come.

Weirdly the last time I was there in the waiting room there were about 8 parents waiting and they were all French except for me..

I-Judo sounds like a new multi martial art.  a mixture of aikedo, judo and knowledge of the mitfords

*whilst holding an iphone and a glass of bubbles

put me down as a tentative and I will see how brave I am feeling