question for TMS listeners

Jeremy Coney - the worlds most tedious man?

Used to be a school teacher. Sounds like it. He's like a boring NZ version of Boycott. Repeats everything with a "that's right" and "indeed it is, indeed it is".

Mind you he was an effective captain and a bowler of sorts. This is the man who bowled true dibbleys so slow that he said "I bowl at that pace so that if they turn out to be no good I can run and retrieve them before they get to the other end".  Nice.   But in all other respects tedious.

Maybe the producers thought a tedious man might be well suited to describing the world's most tedious game to the world's most tedious set of fans?

If you have no interest in the subject matter in the thread title, can I suggest you jog on and stick to being a tede on every other thread?

Easy Stix, he was just proving the premise of the original question to be wrong.

i love TMS and it is great but Coney is dullsville. Alan Partridge can fuck himself.

I have sky.  But I turn the sound off and have TMS running, I just prefer the chat.  Take the rough with the smooth, some great anecdotes.

Got very bored about Monk Cuthbert though, like who seriously cares at a cricket match